Bestwood park numbers boosted by Pokémon Go!

 Bestwood park numbers boosted by Pokémon Go!
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It’s the craze that is sweeping the globe and Bestwood Country Park is among the sites of interest for fans of Pokémon Go!

Scores of people have been visiting the park over the past week since the app launched in the UK to find many of the virtual monsters lurking amongst the undergrowth.

Rare creatures have also been spotted at some of Nottingham County Council’s other country parks – including Sherwood Forest.

Paul Cook, Nottinghamshire County Council’s Assistant Site Manager for Sherwood Forest country park, said: “We have a Pokémon Gym close to the current visitor centre. They are quite shy so don’t stand and stare. There have also been reported sightings of a Pikachu lurking around the Major Oak.

“Our three country parks, Rufford, Sherwood and Bestwood, are proving to be ideal locations for aspiring Pokémon trainers to add to their collection and it’s a great way for people to get out and enjoy the great outdoors as well.”

Pokémon Go officially launched in the UK last week, and is proving popular with people using their mobile phones to hunt for virtual monsters using their location on their phone.

Players walk around local landmarks – or Pokestops – to gather supplies such as Pokeballs. When they find online pocket monsters or Pokémon, they can throw Pokeballs at them and capture them for training. At other locations, called gyms, Pokémon battle each other for supremacy.

There is also a reminder to keep safe when using your mobile phone and app in public from the County Council’s Road Safety team.

Nottinghamshire County Council’s principal officer Zena Oliver said: “I’d remind everyone of the dangers of distraction for both pedestrians and cyclists negotiating our roads, whilst on the Pokémon quest. So, take care and enjoy.”


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