‘Back to school’ – Dominic Cummings satirical cutout reappears in Arnold

 ‘Back to school’ – Dominic Cummings satirical cutout reappears in Arnold

PICTURED: The cutout of Dominic Cummings appeared in Redhill today (PHOTO: Des Gibbons)

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A satirical cut-out which mocks Dominic Cummings for breaching lockdown rules has appeared this morning in Redhill.

The cutout, which was first spotted in Arnold last week, again appeared at traffic lights on Mansfield Road at the junction with Redhill Road.

It features a sign reading ‘Back to School’ in reference to pupils being asked to return to schools across the borough today by the government.

The sign, that has appeared in various locations across the City, was first spotted by motorists last week tied to traffic lights in Arnold.

PICTURED: The cutout on Mansfield Road earlier today (IMAGE: DES GIBBONS)
PICTURED: The cutout was spotted last week in Arnold (IMAGE: Des Gibbons)

It was quickly removed but later popped up again in Nottingham City Centre.

Last week the cutout displayed a sign reading ‘You’re disposable, I’m essential’.

Mr Cummings has been under intense scrutiny after an investigation revealed he had travelled from London to his father’s home in Durham at the height of lockdown.

It was alleged he had travelled 260 miles to County Durham in March to self-isolate with his family as he was concerned he and his wife would be unable to care for their son.

The Prime Minister’s chief advisor received criticism from the public as official guidelines warned against long-distance journeys.


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