Take pictures that are out of this world during latest Back Garden Astronomy Week

 Take pictures that are out of this world during latest Back Garden Astronomy Week
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People in Gedling borough can learn how to take out of this world photography using just a smartphone during the latest Back Garden Astronomy Week.

The latest event, which takes place between September 28 and October 4, is aimed at those who want to discover the wonders of the night sky but don’t know where to ask.

The theme of the latest astronomy week, which is organised by BBC Sky at Night magaizine, is astrophotography.

But don’t worry, you don’t need expensive cameras to snap the stars, a new free guide will walk you though how to capture what wonders you see in the sky on your smartphone or DSLR camera.

Each amateur astrophotographer who signs up via www.skyatnightmagazine.com/backgarden will be guided through how to capture some of the most alluring objects in the night sky, all of which can be photographed from a back garden with just a smartphone or a DSLR camera.

Participants need to sign-up before Saturday, September 28 to receive a free 58-page digital starter pack, and a daily newsletter during Back Garden Astronomy Week containing all the advice that beginners need, including; how to avoid camera shake, the right apps for low-light conditions and which accessories are best for photographing the night sky.

Chris Bramley, Editor of BBC Sky at Night Magazine said: “We’re really excited to be helping people take their first photographs of the night sky with this campaign.

We’re hoping to launch a whole new audience of budding astronomers and astrophotographers on a fascinating and life-long hobby.”

Those keen to kickstart a journey of capturing the night sky simply need to sign up at www.skyatnightmagazine.com/backgarden  



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