Arnold primary school pupils hold collection to help the homeless

 Arnold primary school pupils hold collection to help the homeless
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Pupils at an Arnold primary school have decided to do their bit to help the homeless.

Children at Killisick Junior School have been collecting boxes filled with hats and gloves and toiletries, for the Nottingham charity, Tracy’s Street Kitchen, as part of their work to become a ‘WE School’.

Teacher Jordan Riley said that the ‘WE Movement’ is all about doing good deeds within your community and that the school is calling the children who are getting involved, their ‘WE Warriors’. 

He said, “When the opportunity arose to become a WE School, we jumped at the chance of making a difference among our own pupils and the wider community. The values of the WE organisation fit into our school’s values and beliefs.”

Teacher Miss Sophie Lincoln said that the children are happy to get on board with the idea. “We chose to start our first WE Warrior project focusing on raising awareness to support local charities and help homeless people in our local area. As it is coming up to Christmas, we decided to generate Christmas hampers that could be given out to the local homeless people, and everyone in the school has had the opportunity to be a part of the effort including our parents and carers.”

Tracy Dickinson runs Tracy’s Street Kitchen in Nottingham which for the past 3 years has been providing food and supplies to homeless people. She said, “We set up every Friday night in Trinity Square from 6:30 pm and we distribute hot food, fruit, cake, drinks and goody bags and clothing to those who need it. We regularly feed up to 200 people including the homeless, rough sleepers or anyone in need of a hot meal.

PICTURED: Pupils from Killisick Junior School with their parcels for the homeless

“The difference this donation will make is amazing. We help people who do not have access to clean clothing or washing facilities, and the hats, scarves and gloves that the school is donating will help to keep them warm this winter. I am totally overwhelmed by this. It is so good that the young people are understanding what is happening in the world, and which should not be happening in this day and age.

“I myself spent four years out on the streets between the age of 14 to 18, as a child, and it was incredibly hard, so what these guys have done this week is just so amazing. They just have no idea what a difference this will make.”

Children at the school even made sandwiches to make up for the time Tracy needed away from her work to collect the 38 boxes.

Pupil Imogen Suleman age 10 said she enjoyed taking part. “We want to help homeless people and have made sandwiches and Christmas boxes so they don’t miss out at Christmas. I like helping people and I like being a WE Warrior. It’s not about what we want, but what other people want as well!”

Fellow pupil Kayla Golding (year 5) agreed, “I wanted to be involved to make the world a happier place and to make a difference to homeless people’s lives. In the boxes we have put toiletries, Christmas chocolates, a Christmas card, hats, gloves and scarves to keep them warm.”


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