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Wetherspoons to sell pints for 99p next month at Gedling borough pubs

JD Wetherspoon has put 99p pints back on its menus despite costs rising across the UK's pub industry.

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People will be able to buy a pint for just under £1 at Wetherspoons pubs across Gedling borough next month.

JD Wetherspoon has put 99p pints back on its menus despite costs rising across the UK’s pub industry.

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The chain has pubs in Arnold, Carlton and Mapperley.

The company said it will slash the prices on a range of drinks throughout November as it continues its efforts to attract more punters back to pubs following pandemic lockdowns, reports PA.

Tim Martin Wetherspoons
PICTURED: Wetherspoons chairman Tim Martin

Wetherspoons said it will sell three alcoholic drinks for 99p each – a pint of Ruddles Best, a bottle of Beck’s and a 25ml measure of Bell’s whisky with a mixer.

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All hot drinks will also cost 99p, with free refills, as part of its price cuts.

Chairman Tim Martin said: “Our pubs are known for their excellent choice of drinks at value-for-money prices at all times.

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“Throughout November our customers will be able to choose from a great choice of drinks and save themselves some money too.”

The pub chain has continued to invest in keeping its prices lower despite VAT reductions being phased out, higher wages and rising energy bills at venues.


  1. Discount guaranteed to keep Covid-19 spreading. Just how stupid can they get?
    This country was built on good neighbors, compassion and protecting eachother. Where did it all go? When did we get so selfish and arrogant?
    Stick your 99p pint. Try instead a little creative compassion, say free meals (outdoors) for the homeless.


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