Opticians in Arnold urge people to keep an eye on their senses this New Year

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An opticians in Arnold is urging people to keep an eye on their senses as part of a New Year health awareness campaign.

Specsavers Arnold, which has a store on Front Street, say the health of the senses is something that often gets overlooked in the New Year as people often prioritise diets and gym visits.

The business has now released some tips to help you improve the health of your senses and also spot symptoms of underlying health problems.

A spokesman for the store said: “There are parts of our health that can get neglected which is why Specsavers Arnold is urging people to take a look at their senses this New Year.

“While it is important everyone has their eyes and ears tested regularly to spot signs and symptoms of any underlying problems, there are some more unusual things to spot and take action on to help keep your senses healthy.

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They added: “You don’t need 2020 vision to see in the New Year but you do need to make sure your senses fit into your resolutions.

Get some sleep

The New Year is definitely a time for catching up on some well needed sleep. Do you ever feel your eyes twitching from time to time? These uncomfortable and distracting spasms are known as myokymia and can often be caused by a lack of sleep.

Arnold’s store director, Vineet Nehra, says: ‘It’s essential that we all get enough sleep as it gives our bodies an opportunity to rest – including our eye muscles, which will help to stop them from twitching.’

Ringing around

While an irritating ringing noise in the ear is usually down to being around loud noises, with all those Christmas parties, it may be likely. However, it can also be a sign of excessive build-up of wax, head or neck injuries or high blood pressure.

PICTURED: Audiologist Emma Coveney with the Specsavers Big Ear

Specsavers audiologist, Emma Coveney, explains: ‘This is known as tinnitus and while for most the ringing, buzzing, humming or whizzing sound is temporary, for others it can be permanent. For those suffering from persistent tinnitus it is advised they visit their Specsavers audiologist to see what may be behind the noise and talk about ways to manage the sound.’

Have a cry

Now the festivities in Arnold have come to an end it’s natural for us to feel a little down. But rather than hold back the tears, let them flow freely as they will do wonders for your eyes.

Vineet says: ‘When we don’t have enough tears to lubricate our eyes, they can become dry and irritated and we can even start to get slightly blurred vision. Tears are so important as they can wash away foreign matter that might come into contact with your eye and they also help reduce the risk of eye infections.’

Turn wine back to water

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We’re all guilty of indulging in alcohol over the festive period and not drinking the recommended amount of six to eight glasses of water a day. Emma adds: ‘If your ears are looking a bit pale – and are consistently this colour – it could mean you have a deficiency of important vitamins such as vitamin C or vitamin D. However, pale coloured ears could also be a sign of dehydration too, so top up your water intake.’

Go for a walk

That new gym membership could do more than you think. Not only is exercising good for your overall health, it’s good for your eyes too. Vineet said: ‘Studies have shown that regular exercise, such as walking, can reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration by up to 70% and it can also decrease the risk of age-related cataracts too.’

Specsavers Arnold recommends everyone has a sight test once every two years and that those over 55 should also get their hearing checked every two years.

  • To find out more or book your next appointment head to Specsavers at 37 Front Street, Arnold, NG5 7EA, call 0115 967 0856 or visit www.specsavers.co.uk/stores/arnold   


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