Sausage rolls surge: Expect queues when ‘one of UK’s busiest’ Greggs in Arnold reopens doors

 Sausage rolls surge: Expect queues when ‘one of UK’s busiest’ Greggs in Arnold reopens doors
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Expect queues in Arnold when one of the UK’s busiest Greggs stores opens its doors for the first time since lockdown.

The branch on Front Street is set to reopen on July 1 after two months and now new research has revealed the town’s store is one of the UK’s busiest – so expect big queues!

The new study has looked to pinpoint the areas of the UK which will be the busiest once doors open and given the social distancing measures that will still be in place, people can expect to see queues that stretch far and wide.

Using population data from across the UK and data from the Greggs store checker, the research was able to pinpoint the areas most at risk of a queue, assuming that people will rush for a sausage roll – similar to scenes seen at McDonald’s in recent weeks.

PICTURED: The new vegan-friendly sausage roll from Greggs (IMAGE: Greggs)

Set to experience one of the biggest surges of people is Greggs store on Front St in Arnold.

The top ten busiest Greggs across the UK can be found below, with the full top 20 here.

Postcode AreaSpecific LocationNumber of GreggsHow many people per restaurant
LE2Oadby – Leicester1119,026
E17Walthamstow – East London1103,129
LE3Westcotes – Leicester1100,913
N1Finsbury Park – North London191,056
NG5Arnold – Nottingham187,555
LE5Scraptoft – Leicester185,435
E14Poplar – East London182,638
ST5Stoke-on-Trent – Stoke-on-Trent182,400
SW16Streatham – South West London180,927
BN3Portslade – Brighton179,513

Nutritional therapist, Claudia le Feuvre explained why we may rush to buy fast food when the lockdown restrictions are lifted:

No changes to NCT Gedling borough bus services during lockdown

She said: “Fast foods are often formulated to achieve the ‘bliss point’, something we’ll be familiar with from having eaten this type of food before. This is the optimal blend of salt, sugar and fat which triggers the brain to produce feel-good endorphins and dopamine, a neurotransmitter that will keep us coming back for more, especially when the doors reopen.”

Patrick Tonks, creative director at Great Bean Bags which conducted the research, adds: 

“We believe that balance is key in life, while we of course want people to enjoy comfort at home and to relax on our products with their favourite food, we have also conducted a lot of work and research to highlight where people can make positive lifestyle changes.

“It’s interesting to see the data here where the queues are most expected and hopefully it will encourage people not to rush for fast food, maybe opt for a healthier alternative knowing the wait they’ll have if they give in to temptation!”


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