Notts police dogs surprise former trainer on 90th birthday at Arnold care home

 Notts police dogs surprise former trainer on 90th birthday at Arnold care home

PICTURED: Gordon Galley meets dogs with Nottinghamshire Police’s dogs unit

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A former police dog trainer got an early birthday surprise yesterday, when Nottinghamshire Police’s Dog Section visited him at his care home in Arnold. 

Gordon Galley, who celebrates his 90th birthday today (February 4, 2020), spent 30 years with the police in Durham and most of that was working within the dog section.

He continues to have a keen interested in their work having moved to Nottinghamshire to be closer with his family. Gordon was married for over 50 years and has two children, four grandchildren and two great grandchildren.

Having heard about the celebrations from staff at the care home in Arnold where he lives, police dogs Ned, Ross, Jack and Bart were all in attendance to surprise Gordon, who was very happy to meet older and newer members of Nottinghamshire’s growing dog section.

“It was absolutely fantastic seeing the police dogs, what a wonderful birthday surprise, he said.

PICTURED: Gordon Galley with the Notts Police Dogs Unit

“The police dogs were a huge part of my life and career and so to get a chance to see those currently doing great work, and also the future police dogs, means a lot.”

Staff at the care home where Gordon now resides love hearing the stories he has of working with the Police Dogs, and say he often tells them about the fond memories of his time with the dog section, particularly being partnered with his very own police dog, Guy

“I had my own dog called Guy for seven years who worked and lived alongside me as a fellow officer.

“I had Guy from a pup and I loved him like a son. I was very lucky to be paid and to work and live with this very talented and also loving family-oriented dog.

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“I have far too many memories of me and Guy chasing bad guys but I can assure you we always got our man”.

PC Tony Chambers, who visited with the dogs, said: “Gordon’s face when we brought the dogs in said it all.  

“It was great to see him so happy and we were delighted to be able to make this visit happen.

“Speaking to Gordon, he has so many fond memories of his time with the dog section and it was great to be able to introduce him to both our more experienced dogs, such as Ross, and newer recruits like Bart. Sergeant Gavin Berry, from Nottinghamshire Police’s Dog Section, added:

“Having heard about Mr Galley’s dedication to the police dogs and the work he did in Durham, we absolutely wanted to help out with this surprise.

“Being part of dog section is something special, you work and live with the dogs so you do build up such a partnership, and it’s clear that Gordon in particular was very fond of working with the dogs and has some amazing stories to tell.

“From all of us here in the dog section, we’d like to wish Gordon a very happy 90th birthday.”


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