McDonalds in borough launch click and serve service at drive-thrus to reduce waiting times

 McDonalds in borough launch click and serve service at drive-thrus to reduce waiting times

PICTURED: McDonalds drive-thru and restaurant in Arnold (PHOTO: Gedling Eye)

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McDonalds drive-thrus at Arnold and Netherfield are introducing a new click and serve service to reduce waiting times at their borough restaurants.

Designated parking bays have been put in place in their drive-thru restaurant car parks so customers can park up, order via the My McDonald’s app and have an order safely delivered to their vehicle in a numbered bay.

The service is in place at the chain’s restaurants on St John Robinson Way in Arnold and Victoria Retail Park in Netherfield.

UK chief executive Paul Pomroy said: “We have heard from some of you who have been unable to access our drive-thru lanes or McDelivery provision in recent days, and I am sorry for any disappointment that has been caused by this temporary change to our services.

“The service has been rolled out at all drive-thrus to help reduce waiting times in queues and for those customers with vehicles deemed unsuitable for the drive-thru lane.

“This week, we will also begin reviewing our safety measures for walk-in Takeaway, working with third-party experts to assess any changes we could make to enhance the additional safety measures put in place since re-opening our restaurants last year.

“We are reviewing how we might introduce a similar provision for customers on-foot and we will begin piloting this provision in the coming weeks.

“I do hope you understand the reasons why we’re taking these steps, slowing things down and reviewing our enhanced safety measures.”


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