McDonald’s branches in Arnold and Netherfield slash prices after VAT cut

 McDonald’s branches in Arnold and Netherfield slash prices after VAT cut
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Prices have been slashed at borough branches of McDonald’s from today (July 15) after the VAT cut announced last week.

That means favourites like the Big Mac, Chicken McNuggets, Quarter Pounder and coffee will be coming down in price at branches of Maccy D’s in Arnold and Netherfield.

It also includes a a 40p reduction on Extra Value Meals, 30p for every Happy Meal, and 50p on breakfast meals.

It’s the first time that McDonald’s has cut back prices across its menu with a Big Mac meal now costing the same as it did in 2015.

PICTURED: McDonalds on Sir John Robinson Way (IMAGE: Google)

This is what you’ll save:

  • 50p on breakfast meals.
  • 30p off the price of single McMuffins.
  • Black and white coffee for 99p, instead of £1.39.
  • Premium coffees such as cappuccino and latte for £1.49 instead of £1.79.
  • 20p off McNuggets, the Big Mac, the Quarter Pounder with Cheese.
  • 20p off other burgers such as the Filet O’Fish, McChicken sandwich and Veggie Deluxe.
  • A 40p reduction on Extra Value Meals.
  • 30p reduced for every Happy Meal.

Be aware that the roll back on prices only applies to takeaway and drive thru orders – not McDelivery.

The new prices are in place from today.

It is also worth noting that franchisees can set their own prices – so customers are encouraged to check when they visit or use the My McDonald’s app for the prices at their local branch.


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