‘Light at the end of the tunnel’:Relief as Covid-19 vaccinations are rolled out at Arnold care home

 ‘Light at the end of the tunnel’:Relief as Covid-19 vaccinations are rolled out at Arnold care home

PICTURED: Staff member Lorna and resident Nancy join hands while they are vaccinated, with the support of Home Manager, Samantha Kavanagh and Care Manager, Alex Fields.

Team members and residents at an Arnold care home have been celebrating after they became one of the first homes in the area to receive Covid-19 vaccinations for almost everyone living and working in the home.

Coppice Lodge residents and staff received the Oxford Covid-19 vaccination.

The home arranged for each resident to pair up with a staff member to have their jabs simultaneously and for resident Nancy Church and Lifestyle Manager Lorna Thornley, there was no question that they would want to take this positive step together.

The pair have created a close friendship and often bond together over afternoon tea and bingo afternoons.

Nancy, who was the first resident to receive her vaccination, said: “I feel privileged to be one of the first to have the vaccine, it has been something that has been a long time coming.

The whole day went smoothly and was very well organised. I am grateful to everyone at Coppice Lodge and to the lovely nurses who came to administer our jabs.

“I am looking forward to receiving my top up jab in a few weeks and I am very hopeful that this is the start of the whole world bouncing back from this awful virus’.

BIG SMILES: Senior Carer, Louise and resident June after their vaccinations.

Residents and their families have been eagerly awaiting news of when they will be able to receive the vaccine at their home and were thrilled to find out that they were top of the list.

NHS Registered Nurses attended the home and carried out the vaccinations quickly and efficiently.

Lifestyle manager at Coppice Lodge, Lorna Thornley, joined hands with Nancy for their jabs.

She said,”‘It’s been quite a whirlwind over the past year, but I was proud to be able to support Nancy today – she said she would only have the vaccination with me, and it felt right to hold hands whilst we both received the jab – What a great way to start the year and we did it together!”

Home manager, Samantha Kavanagh, said: ‘This past year has been a real challenge for everyone, but we have always had faith that there is a light at the end of the tunnel, and the availability of a vaccine has been our continued hope that we will return to normal.

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“The GP and Registered Nurses who came to complete the vaccinations have been brilliant and the process was fast and efficient.We are just so relieved to know that our residents will be protected from this virus, as that has been the most important thing to us throughout’.

You can find out more details about Coppice Lodge and the facilities they offer at the website: https://www.idealcarehomes.co.uk/.


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