Mel with guide dog
PICTURED: Mel Griffiths from Arnold with her guide dog

An inspirational blind woman from Arnold is set to get the steps in for a good cause next week.

Mel Griffiths, who has been blind for over 30 years, plans to walk 100,000 steps during the next week, week commencing May 3.

She hopes her endeavour will raise £90,000 for the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association as part of their Walk Your Socks Off campaign

Mrs Griffiths chose to take part in the event and support the charity because she says guide dogs have enabled her ‘to live the life I choose and be the person I want to be’.

She has now set up a JustGiving page for those wishing to donate to the cause.

Mel said: “This year the Guide Dogs for the Blind Association is celebrating 90 years of its life-changing work. I have been privileged to be a part of it for 32 years. My guide dogs have enabled me to live the life I choose and be the person I want to be.

“I want to walk 100,000 steps and raise £90,000 as that’s £1000 for every year this amazing organisation has been in existence.

She added: “£90,000 seems like an incredibly tall order, but I believe, with your generous help, I can do it”

“It’s thanks to generous donations that Guide Dogs can continue to provide their incredible services. Without them I wouldn’t have the lovely Elsa to take on this challenge with me.”

You can make a donation at Mel’s JustGiving page here:

How your funds can help the charity…

£50 could pay for fun, tactile activities to help children with sight loss co-ordinate their muscles and movements.

£96 could pay for an eye test each for two guide dogs in training

£116 could buy a Training School Kit for one of our guide dog trainers who will teach pups the specialist skills they need as fully qualified guide dogs.-

£710 could buy a Birthing Kit containing all the essential equipment for a guide dog mum to safely deliver her puppies.



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