Audi TT driver has sports car seized by cops in Daybrook

 Audi TT driver has sports car seized by cops in Daybrook

PICTURED: Police take away an Audi they seized in Daybrook (IMAGE: Notts Police)

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A sports car driver has had their fancy motor seized by police in Daybrook.

The motorist was first spotted by police doing some dodgy driving on Mansfield Road in Arnold.

He was then later found parked up on Sherbrook Road in Daybrook moments later by officers who ordered him out of the vehicle.

PICTURED: This Audi was seized in Daybrook

Police quickly discovered that the driver had already been banned from driving and shouldn’t have been behind the wheel at all!

A spokesman from Nottinghamshire Police said: “Officers attempted to talk to the driver at the roadside but he was in no mood to talk and tried to walk away from the cops. He was stopped, detained and searched were the cops found some class B drugs on him.

“This lovely motor has now been seized, whilst the driver has been reported for summons for all the offences.”


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