Arnold retail manager and trainer gives handy advice and tips to those looking for work in the borough

 Arnold retail manager and trainer gives handy advice and tips to those looking for work in the borough

PICTURED: Colin Barker, inset, has issued advice to job seekers

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An Arnold man who previously ran the town’s Dixons store and has since gone on to have a successful career in sales and training has issued some handy advice to those in the borough looking for work.

The lockdown and pandemic has hit the local economy hard and now the UK’s big employers are making thousands redundant on a daily basis.

The situation has prompted Colin Barker, who lives in the town, to issue some handy advice to help those seeking work find employment.

Mr Barker told Gedling Eye: ” I wanted to share some advice with those looking for jobs at the minute, especially in this tough time.

“I have worked in retail most of my life and have learnt a few lessons. I am not an expert by any means but I hope some of these tips may help people get jobs.

PICTURED: Colin Barker

Again, I am not an expert but have employed lots of folk in my years (I used to run the little Dixons in Arnold many moons ago)Forgive the long post but if we can help one or two people find work then hopefully worth the time to type. It would be great for anyone else to share their top tips on finding work and share any successes they have had.Good luck in your search, feel free to reach out if you think I can help your hunt in any way… Not offering any services but just friendly advice.

Colin’s tips…

  • Do it yourself: Your Mum posting on Facebook or dropping a CV off is not the same as you reaching out and doing this yourself. Prospective employers can see how you “present” yourself and this shows you being pro-active and a good work ethic
  • Present yourself well if reaching out, especially on Social Media: Take care with spelling, grammar and always use your manners, a please and thank you still goes a long way and shows more of your character than you may think…
  • You have to stand out: The world is full of similar people and you have to show what you offer over the next person. Why are you different? What do you offer? What can I expect if I employ you? You have to communicate this well to an employer
  • Don’t give up: You have to keep trying and never give up. There are so many people applying for the same jobs at the minute but there are still jobs out there. Try the internet, the papers, knock on doors, ask people. Your determination will be rewarded, I promise. Keep getting up early, keep looking and never stop until you find the job that is right for you…
  • When you get an interview, always dress smartly: You don’t need a suit and tie but make yourself presentable, an employer looks for how you present yourself as this shows how you take pride in your appearance
  • Ask sensible questions: At interview, don’t start with questions on salary, holidays etc. Let an employer know what they will get from you first. Salary and benefits conversations should always be saved until later in the conversation


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