£4m Arnold Market revamp project will move to next phase after being approved by councillors

 £4m Arnold Market revamp project will move to next phase after being approved by councillors

Arnold Market design

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The long-anticipated overhaul of Arnold Market has been approved by councillors, paving the way for the £4 million project to move to the next phase. 

In a special meeting today, councillors of all parties unanimously approved spending an additional £1.5 million on the scheme, which will add to funding committed in previous years, and £1.25 million from D2N2.

It is anticipated the scheme will be completed in around 18 months time.

As well as significant upgrades to the marketplace itself, the centrepiece will be a new ‘landmark’ market building, between the Methodist Church and King George V park.

The building will have seven small outlets on the ground floor facing the marketplace, targeted at small, independent businesses, and will provide a ‘central focal point for the market’.

Solar panels are planned to be installed on the roof of the building, along side a range of other environmental measures.

The first floor of the building will be set aside for flexible business space, which could be used either as a single office or subdivided offices.

An office and toilets for traders would also be included on the ground floor of the new building.

In a special meeting of Gedling Borough Council today (Wednesday, September 2) councillors welcomed the initial designs and the concept. 

The spending was approved in principle by the cabinet last month, but was officially confirmed by the full council this afternoon.

PICTURED: An artist’s impression of how the market will look from Front Street (IMAGE: GBC)

Jenny Hollingworth is the Labour councillor for the Gedling ward, and the portfolio holder for growth and regeneration.

She told the meeting today: “Arnold Market opened just over half a century ago, and what was once a vibrant and attractive asset for the town has sadly over a number of years deteriorated, both in its physical environment, and in the variety of goods and services that it now offers.

Arnold Market
PICTURED: Councillor Gary Gregory, Councillor Jenny Hollingsworth, Leader of Gedling Borough Council Councillor John Clarke and Deputy Leader Councillor Michael Payne outside Arnold Market after announcing its purchase by the council

“Following overwhelming support from the community to intervene and improve the market the council acquired the site in 2018.

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“The new building has been orientated to frame the new market place, as well as create a gateway into the town.

“A new public square will create a central focal point for the market and provide a flexible space for events and performances.”

Councillor Michael Payne is the deputy leader of the council, and represents the Redhill ward for Labour.

He said: “This is a really good example of local government stepping in to try to assist the local economy.

“None of us know where the economy is going to go in the next six months, and clearly everybody is trying to do their level best to make sure the economy doesn’t tank in the next six months.

“We have a role to play in that, private business has a role, and central Government also has a role.

“Of course everybody hopes and expects the building and the market is full and flourishing but nobody knows what shock the economy is going to face after we’ve just gone through one of the worst  pandemics we’ve ever faced.

“I think we all look forward to the building being open , the market being open and people being able to enjoy the space once when we can return to normality.”

Detailed plans for the project are now expected to be submitted to the council’s planning committee in the coming months.



  • Oy! Take a ticket and get in the queue. Carlton Shopping Centre was first. You’ve knocked a few buildings down and now abandoned the redevelopement? What, so as Arnold can jump the queue again? Finish Carlton Shopping Centre off first, and spend the dosh doing it right. Fed up of Arnold this, Arnold that, Arnold gets everything since you uprooted the Council from the square to Arnot Hill Pk. Shame on you!

  • £4000 000 eh? Carlton gets a miserly £790000, once again Carlton the dogs**t on GBC shoe. Gets everything again and in such a short timescale too. Wow! How fast things move in Arnold. Carlton Sq? Pull a few buildings down, put up a few red painted boards an leave it for a few years eh? Shame on you GBC. Prove me wrong as there’s nothing happening other than the pigeons are on the increase again s******g everywhere. Quit with this Arnold gets everything attitude.

  • To many empty shops in Arnold, I think Coucil have lost the plot with the redevelopment of the Market

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