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Lib Dems announce general election candidate for Gedling

The Liberal Democrats in Gedling have selected Anita Prabhakar as their candidate for the next general election

Anita, who worked as a solicitor, has been active in politics for many years, having joined the Liberal Democrats in 2012.

A spokesman for the party said: “Anita is a keen pro-European and will fight hard to stop Brexit, believing that it will be bad for the economy, the presence of our country on the world stage and will deny us strong opportunities to tackle climate change along with our European partners.

People will head to the polling stations in December

“Anita also believes that it is vital that we remain in the EU in order to save our NHS. Striking a trade deal with Trump’s US will be the end of the NHS as we know it and we must do everything to keep it.

“She is especially passionate about women’s issues and believes that women are frequently underrepresented. There not enough women in our parliament to raise their voices for women’s issues like domestic violence and inequality.

“She has experience working with an immigration firm where she has seen immigrants going through all kind of hardships. A proper system is not in place to resolve the issues in a timely fashion, resulting in people going through terrible stress.”

They added: “Anita is multilingual, speaking English, Hindi, Punjabi, Bengali and a little bit of Urdu. She enjoys interacting with all parts of society, understanding their issues and looks forward to raising them on both the local and national stage.

“As a Liberal Democrat she is committed to working to lessen the disadvantages of poverty and inequality in our society by doing her very best for Gedling.

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