Home News Angry residents call on Gedling Borough Council to remove fallen leaves from steps at Carlton Cemetery

Angry residents call on Gedling Borough Council to remove fallen leaves from steps at Carlton Cemetery

by Gedling Eye Reporter
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Steps covered in leaves in Carlton Cemetery

Residents are calling on Gedling Borough Council to remove leaves covering steps leading to a garden of remembrance in Carlton Cemetery, calling the delay ‘outrageous’.

They say fallen leaves have been covering the steps for a while and prevent access to that part of the cemetery for elderly visitors.

Bill Fenton, who lives in Gedling, contacted Gedling Eye after sharing the images on social media and wants the council to carry out the work ‘as soon as possible’.

He said: “I went to Carlton Cemetery on Sunday and wanted to pay a visit to the garden of remembrance.

“I couldn’t believe the steps were all still covered in leaves as they have been there a long while. It’s an absolute disgrace.”

Leaves on the steps at Carlton Cemetery (IMAGE: Bill Fenton)

Betty Myles said the wait had been too long and called it ‘outrageous’.

She saw the pictures on social media and got in touch with Gedling Eye to have her say.

She said: “I’m glad someone put these pictures up as I was aware of the problem and it put me off going up there as I was worried about slipping on the steps.

“It’s been a while now. They need to be removed. I miss spending time in the garden as it really is peaceful and lovely.

She added: “Despite this, the council does a lovely job keeping it nice.”

A spokesman for Gedling Borough Council apologised for the inconvenience caused to residents visiting the cemetery.

He said: “In autumn, we have large areas of the borough affected by falling leaves and we do try and clear them as often as we can. Our Street Cleansing Team have been made aware of the issue and will be going out to the cemetery as soon as possible and will clear the leaves.

They added: “We are investing in Carlton Cemetery and will be making improvements and extending the Garden of Remembrance in the near future.

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1 comment

robert staniforth Dec 17, 2019 - 4:05 pm

The lads who work in the cemetery do a fantastic job considering there is only two of them to maintain the whole area including digging graves mowing litter picking cleaning etc which includes the blowing off of the paths and steps each week. Unfortunately they don’t work Sat/Sun


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