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ANGELA’S KITCHEN: Review of George’s Great British Kitchen

My Husband, Simon and I visited on the August 15, our Wedding Anniversary (20 years by the way!) for a celebratory meal.

On arrival we were quickly greeted by a friendly lady who said our pre-reserved table would be ready in a few minutes and were shown to the Bar/waiting area, small but very nice with those kind of high tables and stools that most ladies struggle to look graceful getting on and off!

The décor of the main restaurant is so nice, a mix of old and new with a slight industrial edge. Low level lighting, which is ambient, but did require Simon to illuminate the menu with his phone screen!!

George's Notts
PICTURED: The interior of George’s Great British Kitchen on King Street

A few minutes passed and we were whisked to our table. We were passed the menus, which come in the form of a newspaper………. Now, whilst I do appreciate staff being attentive I’m not quite ready to order my food after two minutes (after all I was still on the first page!) but we ordered our drinks, Dandelion &  burdock and a bottle of sparkling tap water which is served in big bottles and unlimited for £1 which is donated to water aid.

Decisions made we ordered. Starters of Charcoal Grilled Halloumi served with Sweet Potato & Chickpea Curry and Crispy Breaded Goujons with a sweet curry sauce.

Whilst George’s is widely regarded as a fish restaurant I wasn’t in the mood for fish so opted for a new menu item, Chicken and Bacon waffles. Simon opted for the Wild Ocean Cod in Onion Bhaji batter with Kashmiri Pilau rice and homemade curry sauce (he swapped the rice for chips on this occasion)

My Halloumi was nice but seemed a little tough, maybe this was down to it being grilled as I usually pan fry mine at home but the curry it was draped across was lovely, just the right level of spicing and the vegetables were cooked to perfection. Simon was slightly disappointed with the chicken as it seemed a bit dry, but was nice and crispy and the curry sauce was very good too.

PICTURED: Some of the dishes on offer at George’s Great British Kitchen

It was about 10 minutes in between courses, very good as it was relatively busy.

Simon has had his mains choice before so was happy as a pig in mud, 10 out of 10. I was about to tuck into my dish when I suddenly noticed my Chicken & Bacon waffles was missing a vital element, my Bacon had gone A.W.O.L!  A quick chat with our lovely server and a dish containing three big slices of the most tasty perfectly cooked bacon I have ever had the pleasure of eating was at the table.

The dish was delicious, the only thing I’m not so sure of is that I don’t believe it needs the chips served with it as it was so filling I had to leave one of the two waffles!!!

Oops, I nearly forgot to mention: the Dandelion & Burdock was amazing as usual (takes me straight back to being 10 and the “pop man” delivering those glass bottles of D&B) anyway back to this review as my age is starting to show now!

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We were not going to have a dessert, as we were both pretty full so we plumped for coffee instead, Cappuccino for Simon and an orange liquor coffee for myself. As big coffee fans, these were both declared as excellent.

We were now ready for the bill so after showing my work ID and getting a 20% discount (insert happy face emoji!) the server asked us if we had had a good day and I mentioned it was our 20th Wedding Anniversary, she said congratulations let me bring you a free dessert of Doughnuts! Why thank you, don’t mind if you do. We have had this dessert before, it is a wooden board with stubby churro style doughnuts with chocolate & raspberry sauces and a big pile of pink candy floss.

This time Happy Anniversary was emblazoned across the serving board, what a lovely end to our meal

So, bill paid, full tums, happy diners.

We would highly recommend Georges, as we have never had a bad dish or anything other than great service. Book a table now, you will not regret it.

Tip: Do not leave without having experienced the delightful doughnuts

  • Angela Salvin is a food blogger from Mapperley. She recently rediscovered her passion for food and cooking and has decided to share her journey with you at her blog

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