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Aerial spectacular as thousands of starlings flock in Netherfield skies

by Nick Salt
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A swooping mass of starlings above Netherfield Lagoons nature reserve is enthralling local wildlife lovers.

Murmerations – the official term for the mass aerial stunt – are known to happen at this time of year as starlings gather together to roost.

The birds look to roost in sheltered places which protect against the harsh winter weather.

During the day the starlings disperse as they go in search of food, but return in the late afternoon to their roosting areas when murmurations are sometimes seen.


Those visiting Netherfield Lagoons have been able to witness the aerial event each evening. The flying performances have been happening at the site just before dusk.

Mark Glover from Gedling Conservation Trust, who manage the lagoons, said: The starling murmuration is taking place most evenings at this time of year at the Netherfield Lagoons – a designated Local Nature Reserve.

“Up to 10,000 starlings are estimated to take part as they gather to settle in the reedbeds to roost.

He added: “The murmuration takes place at around 4pm at this time of year but it is recommended that if people want to see the display they are in position for 3.30 pm.

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