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Dog left to starve in back garden when owners went on holiday finds loving new home in Arnold

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A dog that was left to starve to death when its owners went on holiday has found a new loving home in Arnold

Star, a 10-year-old King Charles Spaniel, was rescued by the RSPCA in August 2016 after he and two other dogs were found in the back garden of a property without food and suffering from poor health.

Their health conditions had been left untreated and the owner had gone away on holiday without providing any care for their pooches.

A vet confirmed that one of the dogs Rex was suffering from a severe ear infection, Star was in desperate need of extensive dental work, and Daisy, who was just a six-month-old puppy at the time, was shockingly underweight.

All three dogs were also in urgent need of parasite treatment.

Star is pictured with new owner Betty Lipman at their home in Redhill (PICTURE: RSPCA)

The dogs were all very thin and when the inspector visited the property and started to feed them it was instantly clear how ravenous they were.

They only had access to an outbuilding via a small cat flap but this was full of discarded items and junk.

Thankfully they were all rescued by the RSPCA and rehomed from RSPCA Radcliffe Animal Centre in Radcliffe-on-Trent, Nottingham.

Star’s owner Betty Lipman, 88, from Redhill in Nottinghamshire fell in love with him as soon as she laid eyes on him at the centre.

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She said: “He’s a lovely and very affectionate dog. We fell in love with him as soon as we saw him and he’d been waiting quite a while to find a home.

“I think his ordeal has had an impact on him as even now he is still quite a nervous dog. When we’re out on walks he always checks behind him to make sure we’re still there and he’s very bonded to us.

“He was good on the lead and had basic training when we adopted him so he must have been someone’s pet before – so how they could just leave him behind I will never understand.”

The summer is the busiest time for the RSPCA and the animal welfare charity sees a huge peak in the number of reports about dumped animals in the summer months.

Dermot Murphy, RSPCA’s Chief Inspectorate Officer, said: “Sadly, we do suspect that some animals are abandoned because their owners couldn’t find anyone to care for them whilst they went on their summer holiday.

“We would always urge owners to provide much needed care for their pets when they are away, whether this is for a few days or a few weeks. Not only would leaving your pet behind be incredibly stressful for them but they are also not being provided with the food, water, care and company they need whilst you are gone.

“We understand that perhaps some owners may be struggling to cope, or struggling to find care for their animals but there is never an excuse to leave them behind, or abandon them.

“Caring for a pet is a big responsibility and we would always urge anyone considering taking on a pet to think about whether they can provide for that animal for the rest of their pet’s lives.”

What people can do if they’re struggling to care for their pets:

  • Ask friends and family for help
  • If you’re going on holiday and there is no one around to care for your pets, try using a boarding facility, or pet sitting service like Rover. Pet owners can search for and book trusted sitters in their local area, plus for every new customer booking, the RSPCA receives £1 to help more animals.
  • Contact your vet about payment plans, discounts or vouchers for neutering or any other treatment needed.
  • Get in touch with local rehoming charities for advice.
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