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‘There will be nothing left’: Concern over loss of green space in Gedling as 28-home development bid is submitted


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Concerns have been raised about a loss of greenspace and wildlife in relation to plans for an 28-home development in Gedling.

WFW Developments have submitted plans for a new development on land at the bottom of Grange View Road.

The developer wants to build 28 new four-bedroomed homes on the site along with creating an access road.

Letters have been sent to local residents informing of them of the new plans and also inviting them to have their say.

The chosen land is part of the Willow Farm site which has been under threat before.

Back in 2017, plans for 110 new homes were submitted for the site and and met with anger from local residents. The Willow Farm Action Group was then formed to fight off plans from developers and have so far been successful.

Local resident Maureen Stewart yesterday voiced her concerns about the development to Gedling Eye.

She said: “We are really worried about this. We have concerns for the local wildlife. Where are they going to go? There will be no green space left for them soon.

The site is located at the bottom of Grange View Road in Gedling

“I really hope the planners see sense and stop this from going through and save our wildlife.”

Ron Disney’s mother lives in the area and he fears that local infrastructure will soon be unable to cope.

He said: “There are lots of new houses going up but how many new schools and doctor surgeries do we see?

“It’s fine bunging up all these new homes but you need to think about how the area will cope. It seems like it is all just about money.

“My mother is elderly and struggles to get to see her GP as it is and soon 28 new families could be also trying to get an appointment with them. It is a worry. She may have to move.”

One local resident who didn’t wish to be named told our reporter: “We hear these local councils go on about their green policies but they are prepared to let this happen.”

Members of the Willow Farm Action Group voiced their anger over plans on Facebook.

Margaret McKeon wrote: “We are running out of space. They are buying up all the land. This is very important for our kids and grandkids we will not get this land back again.

“What’s the point of issuing farmers with subsidies to wildlife when we are just selling our wildlife down the river.”

The plans can be viewed in full HERE

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