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25 Gedling taxi drivers stopped and checked by council and police in joint operation

Taxi driver stopped
PICTURED: A taxi driver is stopped by police and council officials. (PHOTO: GBC)

A joint operation with Gedling Borough Council, Nottinghamshire Police and neighbouring local authorities to stop and check local taxi drivers has been a success. 

Taxi drivers were stopped by Police to check that their vehicles were safe and that their licences were up to date and on display. In total, 25 drivers were stopped and the majority of vehicles and drivers were fully compliant with the rules and regulations. Four drivers were issued advisory notices and warnings for failing to have identity badges on display and minor cosmetic bodywork damage. One driver’s licence was temporarily suspended due to having rear tyres that were under the legal limit for tread depth.

The checks ensured that vehicles met the council’s standards and legal requirements for calibrated taxi meters for hackney carriages, that plates and licences were displayed correctly, that tyres were correct and safe and that all safety equipment such as first aid kits, fire extinguishers, no smoking signs and spare vehicle bulbs were in the vehicle.

Drivers were also checked to ensure they had the appropriate documentation with them including their taxi driver’s licence and valid insurance.

The operation is part of a month long campaign by Gedling Borough Council in and around the Netherfield area to tackle anti-social behaviour, littering, and other crime. The council is working closely with the Police and other authorities, as well as increasing engagement with local communities.

Leader of Gedling Borough Council, Councillor John Clarke said: “As the local licensing authority we have a responsibility to ensure the drivers and vehicles we issue licenses to are fit and proper and it is very welcoming news to see that our drivers are following the rules and are providing safe cars and are displaying their licences correctly. I would like to thank Nottinghamshire Police and our neighbouring authorities for their partnership efforts on this operation as well as the drivers for their co-operation and understanding.”