£1m funding boost to tackle county pothole problem

 £1m funding boost to tackle county pothole problem
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An extra £1m could soon be made available to help tackle pothole problems on the county’s roads.

Nottinghamshire County Council is recommending that an extra £1m is immediately diverted into fixing an extra 19,000 potholes on roads in the region.

Currently the Council spends around £2.5m a year on pothole repairs, which includes £1.17m from the Government’s Pothole Fund, announced in December 2016.

If the funding is given the go ahead, the repair work could be completed before next March.

The extra cash is from money Nottinghamshire County Council saved in the last financial year.

Councillor Richard Jackson, chairman of the council’s Finance and Major Contracts Committee, said: “The message we continually hear from local people is that a lack of investment in the road network across the county over the last few years has led to them deteriorating quite badly in some areas.

“This extra money will boost our budget for road repairs by around 30%, which is a major statement of intent by the new administration.

“The £1m we’ve identified is from underspent budgets in 2016/17, which means it won’t affect spending in other areas. But rather than that money disappearing into reserves, we think it’s important that we use it to reinvest in our neglected road network.

“Now that we’ve been able to identify the funding, colleagues in the Highways Department and members of the Communities and Place Committee will draw up the detailed plans about how and where the money will be spent so that we get maximum value for our investment.

“Motorists can continue to play a really important role in helping us identify the roads in greatest need of repair by reporting them on our website or with their local county councillor.”

Nottinghamshire County Council is responsible for maintaining around 2,600 miles of highway.

You can report a pothole on Nottinghamshire County Council’s website at www.nottinghamshire.gov.uk/potholes


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