Overhaul proposed for train line to Skegness serving Netherfield Station

 Overhaul proposed for train line to Skegness serving Netherfield Station
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Train services on the line between Nottingham and Skegness that serves Netherfield Station could be set for a major overhaul under plans being put forward.

Rushcliffe MP Ruth Edwards is submitting a bid for a share of a £500 million fund to improve rail services and connectivity in more rural areas.

She said: “At the moment, residents have come to me and said we’ve got this station which is a great link to Nottingham, but the problem is the trains don’t go regularly enough. 

“At rush hour the trains are nowhere near as often as they need to be and they don’t run early enough or late enough.

PICTURED: Netherfield Station (IMAGE: Gedling Eye)

“The last one out from Nottingham is at 5.45, pretty early in the evening, so it’s not ideal for people commuting, and it could be a great way to get into Nottingham to spend the evening there, but if the trains stop coming back really early that’s no good either.

“So what we want to do is have more trains on the line so we have a half hourly service in peak periods and an hourly service for the rest of the day until about 10pm, and then to have station improvements to match.”

She said the current situation with step free access, which means people can go in one direction but not the other, was ‘ridiculous’.

“That will be one of the things we bid for.”

The bid, which is being submitted in conjunction with other Conservative MPs along the route, is expected to be submitted to the Government this month, before a final decision later this year.

The exact cost of the project will not be known until the detailed business case is drawn up – this will form part of the bid.



  • At the moment Netherfield railway station is pretty much useless as so few trains stop at it. This has been the case for years, and I really hope these plans force a change.

  • Why not re-open Gedling station and run shuttles back and forth from Nottingham via Netherfield every half hour whilst retaining the current timetable out to Grantham

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