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Letters: Most people in borough won’t be shedding tears over Levelling Up call

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Most of borough won’t be shedding any tears over Levelling Up cash call

I think only those living in Arnold will be disappointed by the decision not to give the area money from the Levelling Up fund – not anyone else in the borough.

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Cllr Payne might try and claim those living in places like Netherfield, Carlton and Calverton will be sobbing over the decision, but people in these towns would not have benefitted anyway as all the cash was planned for Arnold – as always. All the money coming in goes towards the white elephant that is Arnold and is never spent elsewhere.

The council have had enough chances to win this money for Arnold (to be clear, this latest round of funding wasn’t in response to a fresh council application – Ed) . I think Tom Randall should be in charge of the next application. It is his home town and he must have some clout in Westminster.

Jennifer Worrall-Dixon,

Do our local food delivery riders know the Highway Code?

I used to think that the cyclists delivering food were the most arrogant users of the road. One-way streets, our pavements and traffic lights seem to mean nothing to them.

Dark nights hold no fear to them, but even their escapades have been surpassed by their motorised cousins – the dreaded motorised, scooter/motorcycle fast food delivery riders.

They are just as ignorant as their cycling colleagues, but faster and more deadly.

Queuing traffic is no problem, one-way streets are no problem, no-entry streets are no problem.

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Fix an L plate on their motorbike and the highway code has no meaning – surely a minimum level of competence should be attained before they are allowed on the road?

Thea Smith,

Let’s not kid ourselves over GAR purpose 

I agree with T Potts (‘What will be left of Country Park? Letters 15/09/23) Let’s not kid ourselves – the Gedling Access Road was put in purely to open up land for building on and nothing more. Why build a road to stop traffic going through Gedling only to open up Arnold Lane again? Gedling Country Park could have matured into a beautiful place !

Kevin Mason,
Via email

How can a manufacturer of prefab homes go bust owing £300million?

How does a manufacturer of prefab homes go bust owing over £300million after just five years in business? 

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Ilke Homes was in the process of building 131 homes at Rolleston Drive in Arnold, but this work has been abruptly suspended after they entered into administration.

Either there has been monumental managerial incompetence or something extraordinary has triggered this phenomenal collapse.

There needs to be a full independent inquiry into what exactly went wrong, where all the investment money has gone and who exactly is responsible for it all.

Kerry Adams,

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