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Letters: Really depressed by erosion of local countryside

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Depressed by eroding countryside around me

All I ever see is concrete and tarmac, my countryside is being eroded and it is causing me great distress.

I live in Netherfield and can walk so far and used to enjoy a visit to Netherfield Lagoons, but now I despair as I gaze to towards the Trent and see that new estate to my left. All those fields – GONE!

A walk down Colwick Loop Road and my view of Gedling House and the Woods will soon be blocked by another new estate, with even more to come.

I have no fields. I have no green space – it’s all gone.

We need countryside around us; it is good for our mental health.

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Occasionally I would get a taxi to the Country Park – no buses there for us plebs in Netherfield – and now some clever planner has put a road through it! Not a pretty site at all.

It seems that green spaces are reserved for the rich and the poor shall forever be surrounded by pollution, factories and housing.

Maybe one day somebody will have the foresight to create a country park near my home free from construction and industry.

A green space replacing Carlton Square – as suggested before – would be a good idea but can’t see it happening.

A new year – and no hope.

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Sue White,
Address witheld by request

Familiar faces in Persil adverts

Thanks for your recent article reminding us about the 70s Persil adverts filmed on Priory Road in Gedling. I can provide a few names of people who appeared in them.

The first advert where you see young children running at the end of the advert, one of them was Darren Prater, who has now unfortunately passed away; the blonde haired boy was Steven Price who lives in Calverton.

We all went to Priory School, I was someway back that day when they were filming.

Chris Moody,
via email

Dismayed by litter on our streets

I am dismayed on a daily basis when I venture out and see the state of our roads and pavements which are strewn with litter.

It ranges from crisps and sweet wrappers to soft drinks cans and the occasional beer bottles and cans casually discarded in bus shelters for the travelling public to try and avoid whilst waiting for transport to work or shopping or leisure.

I know some of the most recent littering can be blamed on the inclement weather we recently endured but come on people of this fine borough, surely you don’t like to see and walk through the rubbish. And as there are plenty of waste bins dotted around there is simply no excuse for dropping litter or even just throwing out of a moving vehicle.

Please stop the littering and if you can’t find a waste bin when out and about take your rubbish home and dispose of it properly.

The situation will only be made worse by the arrival of the Popeyes drive-thru.

Keep Britain, and especially Gedling, tidy please.

Derek Fairbairn,

Huge thank you to Post Office

I wrestled over the weekend on my computer with an attempt to re-tax my car. 

When the process goes well it can be easy but lack just one piece of documentation or reference number and “Computer says No”. 

Fortunately we still have a Post Office in Netherfield that keep the relevant forms and despite being busy, the polite and efficient staff could not have been more helpful. They beat artificial intelligence hands down and did so with a smile.

The local “posties” delivering our mail are great also and deserve our thanks.

Roy Perry,

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