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Letters: HS2 cash should be spent on Carlton to Matlock trains, not tram

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HS2 cash better spent on Matlock train over tram

I read on your site that plans to bring the tram to Gedling could be back on using HS2 money now that the Northern part of the route has been scrapped.

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For me, spending money on this white elephant is a waste of time. We have a perfectly good bus services to the city so I do not see the point in spending millions on a tram.

Instead of a tram, I would urge Gedling MP Tom Randall to talk to those in Westminister and request that the money is used to bring back direct trains from Carlton Station to Matlock Bath.

Not all of us drive and the direct trains to the picturesque town were a Godsend in the summer holidays for parents like me.

The reason the service was underused was because it was not publicised. Some of this money could be spent on a marketing campaign to let people in Gedling know they have a train on their doorstep taking them directly to the beautiful Peak District.

Jemma Crew,

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Wardens should be tackling pavement cyclists

I completely agree with the points raised by your columnist Graham Finch about bikes on pavements. They are a hazard.

When will the councils take this problem seriously? We have all these council wardens walking around towns in Gedling borough but they seem more interested in parking issues. Let’s put these council workers to good use and have them stopping these cyclists using our pavements, thus making our town centres safer for pedestrians.

Surely such a move would make shoppers feel safer and boost trade in our town centres?

Laura Hadley,

Where will power come from?

Local green campaigners seem to think that the wind generation as the answer to all our prayers. Therefore I wonder if any of them will be kind enough to explain where the electricity will come from on a cold, icy and windless day in the winter please.

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I am very eager to find out, as I am sure other readers are as well! I look forward to a straight forward answer removing my concerns and anxiety about winter chills.

Will Maddocks,

Levelling Up only benefits those in the South

East Midlands Leveling Up – there is no such thing!

if you’re not in London then you don’t exist! Maybe we should stop them building in the Capital until we get a share! It’s always Londoners first and we are looked down on.

This Government has been in power now for 13 years and are incompetent; they should hang there heads in shame 

Perry Skinner,
Address withheld

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