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Letters: Action needed now that ‘disgraceful’ local food bank figures have been revealed

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Local food bank figure ‘a disgrace’

Netherfield Foodbank
PICTURED: Netherfield Foodbank (IMAGE: Gedling Eye)


I was absolutely disgusted to learn from your news site that (More than 11,000 emergency food parcels were handed out to people in Gedling borough over last 12 months, Gedling Eye, May 15)

It turns out local people requested more than 11,000 emergency food parcels with 4,000 of these being given to children.

I’m sick of hearing our local MP Tom Randall banging on about potholes and jumping on the road repair bandwagon – but what has he actually done to tackle our local poverty crisis? I’ll tell you what – NOTHING!

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In this day and age people shouldn’t be starving and everyone should be able to afford a hot meal.

I relish the day these food banks close for good because they are no longer needed any more.

If Mr Randall IS re-elected, poverty should be his priority and not a piffling bridge over Trent or solving the pothole problem.

J Tudor,

We ‘killer cyclists’ are getting away with murder


So, it seems the jig is up! The borough’s killer cyclists can no longer mow people down with impunity (‘Death by dangerous cycling’ to become offence after MPs back law change, Gedling Eye, May 16).

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It’s our own fault, no civilised society could ignore a group of road users who can’t be trusted to obey speed limits.

We must park up our bicycles for the greater good and help save society.

Cycle lanes were causing too much angst for our motoring cousins anyway.

As a second-hand 4×4 can be bought for less than a top end bicycle, there’s only one thing to do. You know it makes sense!

Ben Stokes
Carlton Hill

Drivers becoming much more agressive


I’ve just read your article on the speeding motorists on Lambley Lane (Gedling police continue crack down on speeding drivers in area, Gedling Eye, May 15) and I’ve noticed that drivers are becoming much more aggressive, impatient and extremely intimidating towards other drivers.

I’ve seen overtaking on Arno Vale Road and Gedling Road.

Middle-aged men are also treating Colliery Way like it’s Brands Hatch on most Sunday mornings. Nutters!

I’d love to know their Testosterone and Cortisol levels – be through the car roof I’d imagine!

V Arnall,
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