Secret Takeaway Eater: La Piazza, Carlton Square

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This week our Secret Takeaway Eater visited La Piazza in Carlton Square to give the pizzas described as ‘Nottingham’s finest’ a taste.


  1. I have been using La Piazza for over 20 years, they are by far the best pizzas in Nottingham.
    They make a home made garlic mayo dip that is bloody amazing and goes so well with their pizzas.
    They are a family business as well and with papa johns about to open in Carlton Square I hope people continue to support La Piazza!

  2. Been going here since I was 10 years old. I’m 42 this year.
    It’s the best place for pizza. The dough is light and fluffy.
    It’s the tops always recommend it to friends.
    I stopped for a while and started going Pasta Master in Netherfield because they did a lovely homemade sauce for pizza. However after a year or 2 they stopped doing homemade sauce and customers stopped going then went bust.


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