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These schemes are hoping to get the green light at next week’s Gedling Borough Council Planning Committee meeting

Gedling Borough Council's Planning Committee will meet on Wednesday, September 8.

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Plans for nine new houses, a pre-school extension and changes to a a car park are hoping to get the green light at next week’s planning committee meeting at Gedling Borough Council.

The committee will make a final decision on whether the proposed schemes can move forward based on recommendations from the council’s planning officers.

They will be asked to make a decision on the following proposals:

Extension to existing Coteswood House Pre-School and Day Nursery at 19 Thackerays Lane, Woodthorpe

To create an extension to existing Coteswood House Pre-School and Day Nursery, to provide extended ground floor class room, office, kitchen & covered play area, incorporating extension to first floor class room.

The council’s planning officer commented: “it is considered the proposal would be visually acceptable and in keeping with the character of the host property and the wider area. It would not result in a significant undue impact on residential amenity and it would be acceptable from a highway safety perspective planning permission should be granted.”

Erection of 9 dwellings on land at 96 Plains Road, Mapperley

The application seeks full planning permission for the erection of 9 dwellings.

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All of the units would be large detached properties spread over 2½-storeys in scale with at least five bedrooms, some having detached garages, whilst others would be integral, and some with home offices and games rooms too.

Materials are identified as red brick under grey tiled roofs. Vehicular access would be from Bailey Lane and is proposed to be a private drive.

The layout is designed around a simple T-junction turning head with four
properties adjacent to 96 Plains Road; three adjacent to 80 Plains Road; one overlooking the golf course and one unit adjacent to a block of flats on Bailey Drive. All of the units would have rear gardens in excess of 10m in depth with a garden of 11.5m more typical.

The planning officer recommended that planning permission should be granted

They wrote: “Planning permission should be granted subject to the owner(s) entering into planning obligations for a financial contribution
towards off-site public open space and the provision of a management
company for maintenance of access roads and areas of on-site open
space not within the curtilages.”

Alterations to existing car park to include fencing, security barrier, surfacing and footway to adjoining Police HQ at Burnstump Park, Arnold

This application seeks planning permission to carry out alterations to a section of the existing car park as summarised below:-
The erection of a section of 1.8m high palisade fencing – this would separate the car park to be used by the Police HQ from the public spaces.
The provision of barriers to allow secure access and egress from the car park
The provision of lighting columns and CCTV columns
The provision of a formal footpath linking the car park to an existing footpath a serving the Police Headquarters

The planning officer recommends that ‘the Borough Council grants planning permission’.

As well as these schemes, the planning committee will be informed about proposals that could require approval in the coming months.

These include plans for 120 houses on land to the south of Burton Road in Gedling and 11 new properties on land at Broad Close in Woodborough.

More details can be found here: https://democracy.gedling.gov.uk/ieListDocuments.aspx?CId=138&MId=2825

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