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‘Someone will be killed’: Calls for traffic measures on busy Arnold shopping street

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Gedling Borough Council are concerned that someone will be killed on a busy Arnold shopping street if measures aren’t taken to halt traffic.

Cllr Peter Barnes (Lab), spoke out about the issues facing the bottom end of Front Street near to Birds bakery where he said it is only a matter of time before a shopper is hit by a vehicle.

His concerns were also backed by the leader of Gedling Borough Council, Cllr John Clarke (Lab), who said discussions were underway with Nottinghamshire County Council.

Cllr Barnes told a cabinet meeting on Thursday, July 5: “We have got a town centre in Arnold which is very popular and busy, but we have got a situation that is a pain in the backside and has been for a number of years.

John Clarke Gedling
PICTURED: Cllr Jon Clarke, leader of Gedling Borough Council

“The bottom end of Front Street, a shopping area, it is classed as a public highway and we ought to seriously talk to the county council about having no traffic up that part of Front Street.

“It is not necessary. We have plenty of disabled parking near the shops. If we are not careful someone is going to get hurt because there are cafes everywhere.

“I know it is a public highway and it needs looking at because it is not getting any better. We have got to make sure no one gets killed on Front Street and I am worried someone will get injured.”

Cllr Clarke said “active discussions were underway” with the county council about this problem especially as pavement licences have just been extended for another 12 months.

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  1. Totally agree with stopping random cars on Front St…..but a more important problem is Mapperley Plains between Westdale Lane and Woodthorpe Drive….numerous cars drive through the pedestrian crossing lights on amber and every day, cars are racing along that busy stretch of road.

  2. Chairs & advert boards need not be so far out itsridiculous, all they are doing kis trying to get more customers & its the disabled who are suffering,, there are not sufficient disabled parking spaces , those that are, aretaken up by non disabled, try parking yourself with a disabled person ????

  3. A priority for the council should also be adressing the speeding taffic issue on Church Drive but again i fear it will need someone to be knocked down or killed before this is taken seriously.

  4. Totally agree and needs addressing now not in months time its even worse at getting moment with the road works people using it has a cut through people just everywhere all the way up the precinct the police don’t do anything I have personally seen 4 near misses with children has per usual something will be done after its to late

  5. Yes I agree cars should not be going through this part of Front Street made worce by the recent addition of 2 bars opening soon to be 4 spread out onto the pavements LOUD unnecessary music during the day Arnold is not Benidorm more bars than shops soon


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