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‘It’s your money’: Council leader appeals to public for help in tracking down offenders after spike in vandalism at park in Arnold

A gazebo in Arnot Hill Park has been covered in 'obscene' graffiti just two weeks after being repainted by council workers.

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Gedling Borough Council leader John Clarke has appealed to the public for help in cracking down on vandalism at a park in Arnold.

The leader made the appeal after a gazebo in Arnot Hill Park was covered in ‘obscene’ graffiti just two weeks after being repainted by council workers.

In a video posted on the council’s Facebook channel, he said: “We need help on this. It cost a lot of money to do and now we’ve got obscenities and all sorts of things that have been sprayed on the inside and we are in the process of having that removed.

Graffiti plastered on the inside of the park gazebo (Facebook/Gedling Borough Council)

It’s deep frustration that’s coming out now. It’s your money. It’s ratepayers’ money that’s been spent to provide a facility for young people, as we do for all age groups across the borough, and it’s being abused.

He asked those using the park who spot anything to contact the council.

Councillor Clarke added: “Get in touch with the council and tell us what you’ve seen, when you’ve seen it and the time.”

If you have details about this, or see anything else in the borough being vandalised then contact Gedling Borough Council with as much information as possible at [email protected]

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  1. Who would do this? It’s the best most beautiful park in the county and idiots dare to ruin it for others.
    Don’t they understand tourists come to this park and bring money they spend which will build Arnold up into the envy of Nottingham. It is our capital, our London and ruining our parks will undo all the good work being done to make it the best place in Nottingham. Respect our town please


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