Houses and apartments planned for land next to Pepperpots in Mapperley

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Plans have been submitted to Gedling Borough Council for apartments and houses on land next to the Pepperpots in Mapperley

The plans have been submitted by Geoffrey Prince Associates Ltd (GPA Ltd) on behalf of Killarney Homes (Developments) Limited (KHDL) for a residential development of ’40 dwelling units on two parcels on land located either side of the junction of Plains Road and the Gedling Access Road (GAR).

The plans reveal the development will comprise of a mix of 1 and 2 bed apartments (32 units) and 4/5 bed detached houses (8 in total).

The documents reveal that the proposed scheme will be is divided into two sections (eastern
and western) across the site with the Gedling Access Road running in-between.

On the eastern site a dualfronted, three-storey flat block (Block C) consisting of six 1-bed
flats and three detached 4-bed houses with associated landscaping, rear gardens and hardstanding, is proposed.

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On the western site two apartment buildings with adjacent communal parking and associated landscaping and bike stores and 5 four and five bed detached
dwellings are proposed.

At the western end of the site five dwellings (three detached 5-bed houses, two having detached garages and two detached 4-bed houses) are proposed with associated landscaping, front and rear gardens, and hardstanding.

Developers say the scheme will achieve significant local benefits:

  • It will ensure the development to a high design standard of a prominent unallocated site in the main urban area of Arnold.
  • It will provide a mix of housing particularly targeted at first time buyers and young families.
  • It will bring local economic benefits in terms of jobs during construction and long term spending in the local economy, thus helping to support local services;
  • It will provide opportunities for healthy living by providing footway and cycleway links into the wider network thus encouraging walking and cycling; and
  • It will provide enhancements to biodiversity.

A decision about the planning application will be made by Gedling Borough Council over the coming weeks.


  1. Pepperpots is the name of the Scout camping and activity centre located on the site (albeit named after the pepperpot chimneys on the land).

    The houses would abut and potentially overlook (thus encroach) an area that is in use daily until late for activities for young people.

    It would be nice if the article drew attention to this too in the name of balance.

    • Will you be challenging this through the consultation re potential overburdening & overbearing impact? Normally relates to domestic dwellings so it will be interesting to see if your arguments gain any traction with the committee.

  2. Just another area to flood with tarmac and concrete.rainwater has nowhere to go apart from people’s new homes.

  3. Gedling Coutnry Park sponsored by Presimmon Homes. Those of us who used the area before it was concreted over know the score. Sham Park, Sham Council, Sham Leader. Let’s see the accounts.

  4. Thing is they’re building new places to put people, but not the types of homes people want to live in or where they want to live.
    People want to live in freehold 2/3 bed houses in villages, not 1 bed leasehold flats in some neglected urban sprawl in some a r s e end suburb.

    Suprised someone hasn’t taken the govt to court over Town and Country Planning Act breaches, they should stop eating into greenbelt by expanding existing cities and build in villages far away from the greenbelt and nottingham urban sprawl.

    They might be ‘sumptuous 4 and 5 bed homes’ today, but in another few decades time Mapperley will just be another s h i i t e hole inner city suburb


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