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Fines to tackle irresponsible dog owners in Gedling borough who don’t pick up their dog’s mess will continue

'There are absolutely piles of the stuff all over the place.'


A legal order allowing Gedling Borough Council’s wardens to fine people £100 for not clearing up after their dogs has been extended for another three years.

Over the last three years, the Labour-run authority’s neighbourhood wardens have been running extra patrols and installing signs and pavement stencils in areas where there has been a significant number of complaints.

Under a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), if an offence is witnessed by a warden the offender can be fined £100, and may face court and a £1,000 fine if they fail to pay.

While offences have been decreasing, from 244 reports of dog fouling in 2020/21 to 190 in 2022/23, the council says the issue is still a problem.

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During a cabinet meeting on September 7, councillors agreed to extend the order for another three years across the entire borough, with the existing order due to come to an end in October.

Cllr John Clarke (Lab), the leader of the council who represents Netherfield, said: “You know the area I live in, in the Carlton area, there are absolutely piles of the stuff all over the place.

“And the subsequent work and the yellow signs are exceptionally good because there is a lot about now.

“It just focuses the mind because sometimes people forget and sometimes this ‘we are watching you’ business, which sounds a bit draconian, [works].

“But I’m afraid the mess that was being left in suburbs and places like that, not so much in town centres, but certainly around people’s homes, was unacceptable.”

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Cllr Jenny Hollingsworth (Lab), for Gedling, added: “I’m very pleased to see we’ve got the opportunity to extend this.

“I think really we need to be clear that 99.9 per cent of dog owners are responsible and don’t cause this problem, it is just a very small percentage who leave us with a large problem, and quite large sometimes, and people complain about it.

“Can I just thank wardens who last year, when I gave them a problem on a new development, were able to very quickly have a presence there and reassure people.

“That was the other issue in that people did not think they were covered by this PSPO if it was a new development, so I think we need to make it clear that it is the whole of the borough, and whether or not it is a new development it is included in this order.

“It is a problem, it continues to be a problem, enforcement isn’t that easy unless the warden is on site and just happens to spot somebody, but it is education and I like the stencils on the ground, I think it is helpful.

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“I know some years ago there was some resistance to that but I think they do work and it is a visual reminder when people are walking along to make sure they clear up after their dogs.”

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  1. Some Einstein that walks down the footpath between Plains Road and Okehsmpton Crescent puts their dog’s faeces black bags then dumps it in the weeds on grassy edge of the properties either side of the public footpath.

    Also I was walking through Fox Wood in Calverton and 2 dog walkers did keep an eye on their dogs and left 2 nice big piles of dog faeces. I wish I’d have confronted them, but my husband said leave it in case we were verbally or physically assaulted. Sorry owner of Fox Wood.

    Do the Community Support Officers ever patrol the suburbs, as I’ve never seen one, only occassional.on Arnold.

    What exactly do they do, without sounding sarcastic?

  2. Thank you for updating the community on this important issue through your article. It’s crucial to maintain cleanliness and hygiene in public spaces, and addressing irresponsible behaviors of dog owners who don’t pick up after their dogs is a step in the right direction. The continuation of fines as a deterrent is a tangible measure to enforce this responsibility.

    Your article does a good job in detailing the stance of Gedling Borough Council, and the general public’s feedback on the fines. It’s clear that many residents appreciate the efforts to keep their neighborhoods clean and safe.

    Moreover, the information about how and where to report instances of dog fouling is very helpful. It’s important that community members have a channel to voice their concerns and contribute to maintaining a pleasant environment for everyone. Keep up the good work in keeping the community informed on such pivotal matters!


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