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Delays expected on Arnold Lane for Gedling Access Road works

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More delays are expected in the Gedling and Mapperley area as traffic management is put in place on Arnold Lane to allow for work on the Gedling Access Road (GAR) to continue.

Two-way traffic lights will be put in place from Monday, November 22 to allow the removal of vegetation on the hedgerow opposite the golf course to take place.

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A spokesman for Nottinghamshire County Council said: “You may recall that the hedgerow was previously removed, and this work is necessary to remove the re-growth that has occurred since then.”

Gedling Access Road
PICTURED: Gedling Access Road

From Tuesday, November 23 to Wednesday, December 1, there will be a full-time lane closure under two-way traffic lights. This is to allow the installation of a road crossing and jointing of a new power cable.

The spokesman added: “Although this work has been phased to avoid the period of the temporary four-way traffic lights at the Arnold Lane/Mapperley Plains/Plains Road/Gedling Road junction, delays may be likely in this area and so we apologise for any inconvenience.

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“We would like to thank all road users and local residents for your patience throughout the construction of the GAR.”

It was recently revealed the cost of the £40m project has now increased by £8.6m.  

There has also been a delay to the highway’s completion. It was originally scheduled for this year but won’t be completed until the spring of 2022.


  1. In relation to the “possible delays” on Arnold Lane beginning next week, I would imagine it will be nothing compared to the ‘car park’ that Plains Rd will become once the work is complete. The word ‘bottleneck’ comes to mind.

  2. More congestion, more trees/hedgerows destroyed – all in the name of progress
    road crossing , only should be three /four days tops , but alas it wont.

  3. It’s time to remove the stupid bus plug outside Carlton willows school and the hideous temporary camera on stoke lane. Get your act together Notts CC and VIA.

  4. Get rid of the bus plug outside Carlton willows school and remove the temporary bus plug camera on stoke lane.


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