Council update on Gedling Access Road progress and reopening of Lambley Lane

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Progress continues to be made on the Gedling Access Road, which is due to open to motorists this autumn.

Nottinghamshire County Council, who are responsible for the construction of the new £40m road, published an update along with footage captured by drone which shows the latest progress.

Progress captured by the drone includes the continuation of drainage works up the hill from the Burton Road junction, surfacing works from the new 5-arm roundabout towards the new Mapperley Plains junction and earth works between Lambley Lane and the Willow Farm Estate.

July has also seen the first street lights being installed on site.

A council spokesman said: “If you had your eyes peeled while watching the flyover, you might have seen these for yourself at various sections along the 3.8km route.

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“The first road signs have also been installed this month while other verge works have been taking place.”

Update on Lambley Lane

The council has issued an update on Lambley Lane.

They said: “You’ve probably noticed on the most recent flyovers that Lambley Lane now has a new road layout.

“There are now two sections joined by the GAR itself, and so motorists will need to travel along the new road as part of their journey from one end of Lambley Lane to another.

“The safety of motorists and pedestrians remains of the utmost importance to the GAR team, and it is for this reason that it is not yet possible to reopen Lambley Lane to traffic.

“While good progress has been made on this section of the project, it is still a main thoroughfare for construction vehicles moving from one end of the site to the other and so it would not be safe for motorists or pedestrians to use this section of the site at the present time.

“We hope to reopen Lambley Lane to traffic towards the end of August and would like to apologise for any inconvenience this may cause. Keep an eye out for updates over the next few weeks.”

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  1. Now is the right time to remove the bus plug at Carlton willows school and the bus camera near to stoke lane, this camera had been given planning permission for an 8 month period only so it’s time the council removed it.

  2. Hi two things both dealing with excessive spending.
    1) Why did GC spend on that irritating bus plug?
    2) Again 40 M for a part solution to a bypass ie a single track GC know how to waste my monies!!! also can’t the construction people recruit more workers – this should have been finished months ago.

  3. If the bus camera installed close to stoke lane hasn’t got planning permission any more does this suggest that any fines issued from it are null and void?


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