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Timetable changes

Having done a detailed study of the timetable there are advantages and disadvantages compared to the current timetable.

The basic hourly timetable remains, although instead of a Newark to Matlock service we get a Newark to Crewe via Stoke-on-Trent service.

Times are mostly 5 or so minutes earlier in the Nottingham direction and 5 minutes later towards Newark which means trains are often the same time in both directions, so allow time to get over the crossing.


We get some direct services to and from Grimsby and Cleethorpes and direct services to stations on the Derby-Crewe line. Also two late evening trains on Saturdays from Lincoln call at Carlton at 21.34 and 22.34. On Mondays to Fridays, three peak services from Leicester and Crewe in the mornings giving a direct service for those working in the Carlton area. 08.41 to Grimsby with a connection to Cleethorpes arrives at its destination at 10.48. Unfortunately, off peak fares (£18.60 return) do not apply on this train except Bank Holidays. An anytime Day Return is £34.40. A 14.41 Grimsby to Leicester train calls at Carlton at 16.20. The 18.27 at Carlton also comes from Grimsby. Last train to Nottingham at 23.55 is direct from Cleethorpes. 18.40 and 20.37 at Carlton are Leicester to Cleethorpes trains.


The first 2 trains from Carlton terminate at Newark with the first Lincoln train at 07.43. No trains between the 17.02 and 17.58 at Carlton for Newark. The current 17.32 to Lincoln now calls firstly at Fiskerton. The current 21.28 to Lincoln no longer calls at Carlton creating a gap between 20.37 and 22.43. The current 17.23 to Leicester no longer calls at Carlton and is replaced by the 16.20.

There are no trains to Nottingham between 06.53 and 08.02, but 07.23 and 07.43 from Netherfield.

Attenborough is only served by Leicester and Matlock trains, so we lose the direct service to the village apart from some Leicester trains which call at Carlton.


On Saturdays there is 08.34 to Lincoln instead of 09.31 at present, a little early and no connections to Cleethorpes. It means using the 10.38 Nottingham to Grimsby which does not call at Carlton. Perhaps they don’t want too many going to Cleethorpes to avoid overcrowding.

Additional 10.20 (Grimsby to Leicester service), but current 11.24 does not call. In normal times this has been too overcrowded.


One extra train at 21.53 (Lincoln to Nottingham). Most of the others are retimed with the 15.36 being from Cleethorpes and 17.33 is to Cleethorpes.



Instead of seven trains a day, there are now nine. Morning services to Nottingham are at 06.18 & 07.23 from Grantham and 07.43 from Boston.

In the opposite direction there is an extra train at 19.54 (Nottingham to Boston). Otherwise the times are more or less as now, except the 08.33 to Liverpool only calls on Saturdays, which means no weekday trains from either Carlton or Netherfield station at this peak period and I can only assume it is thought journeys are only made to Nottingham, whereas in actual fact people come in from stations between Grantham and Radcliffe, and those for the car auctions from further afield. People from our area also make longer journeys. The train will probably stop at Netherfield like many others do to wait for a train to clear from the Lincoln line, but you will not be allowed on or off.

A Lincoln to Nottingham train is due to pass Netherfield Junction at 08.32 and the train from Norwich at 08.30.


An extra 09.59 to Skegness from July 31 until September 4.

Morning trains at 06.16 and 07,41 plus the 08.32 Liverpool train. Day trips to Skegness still possible Monday to Saturday.

Sunday – to Nottingham at 09.36 & 11.54 from Grantham and 13.14 from Skegness. 16.56 and 17.53 to Skegness and that’s your lot. The Norwich to Liverpool and evening Liverpool to Norwich no longer call. Extra services run on this line daily.

Other timetable changes

Fiskerton has a direct train to London and return, but nothing at Carlton.

Matlock trains leave Nottingham at mostly 54 mins past the hour and are back in Nottingham at 20 mins past the hour. Not a very good connection for Carlton.

Services from Nottingham to London St. Pancras are increased with some faster journey times.

There is great disappointment in our area that there are no direct trains to Matlock. Oh Mr. Porter, whatever shall I do, I wanted to go to Matlock and I’ve ended up at Crewe.

Spondon has an improved weekday service, but we have lost direct trains to there. On the other hand there are direct trains from Carlton to Peartree (peak time only), Tutburv  & Hatton, Uttoxeter,  Blythe Bridge, Longton, Stoke-on-Trent, Longport, Kidsgrove, Alsager and Crewe (the North Staffordshire Line). In the opposite direction, Market Rasen, Habrough, Grimsby Town and Cleethorpes.

Turbostars are due to be used on the Newark to Crewe service.

Local road congestion

The railway could really help here with a new station called Netherfield Parkway. It can take up to an hour to get out of Victoria Retail Park, and there are calls for another bridge over the railway line linking Sainsburys new development to provide a second entrance. Whilst shoppers need their cars to transport goods, there are many workers who would benefit if they did not have to use their cars. Aldi is now looking at having a supermarket at the Teal Park development, creating up to 125 jobs.

In Nottingham, Domestic & General are creating new jobs and moving to new offices on Station Street…”a fantastic location right in the centre of the city with pedestrianised streets and super close to the train station”

In brief…or brief encounters

  • Nottingham to Lincoln line 175th anniversary: the first passenger train ran on August 4 1846 and EMR and Station Adopters have planned celebrations along the line, with more details in my next column.
  • Planning is in hand to have artwork murals painted on Chaworth Road Bridge, to stop the unsightly graffiti to which it is prone.
  • High Speed Trains (HSTs) will be retired from Midland Main Line service this month, after 39 years. One power car has been painted in original Intercity Swallow Livery and it will transfer to the National Railway Museum at York.
  • Engineering work between Peterborough and Norwich means a bus replacement on 15/16th, 22/23rd, 29/30th May, 12/13th, 19 & 26th June.
  • Work is progressing on Gedling Station buildings, including a new floor and work on the outside of the buildings
  • Bennerley Viaduct, Ilkeston is to open as a footpath and cycleway later this year. An ‘Iron to Iron’ six-day cycle ride is planned. Details from Friends of Bennerley Viaduct.
  • Currently 91% of EMR trains are running.


  1. It does appear that EMR have deliberately killed off commut ing between Carlton / Netherfield and Nottingham. I hope councillors and MP are on the case.


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