Tony Cave: Extra trains from Carlton Station planned for Lincoln Christmas Market

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New franchise

Nothing of any consequence will happen to our local services before December 2021, as far as I can ascertain, apart from a gradual introduction of trains from other areas.

By December 2021 it is planned to have all Regional Services (that’s us) in the hands of the class 170 turbostars, the same trains as currently used on Nottingham to Birmingham and Cardiff services, some of which are three coaches. A full refurbishment will take place before December 2021.

It is planned that the current 153, 156 and 158 trains will be withdrawn, some of the single car 153s as soon as the end of this year.

London services will have new trains as mentioned last time, but until then there will be changes with the current HSTs phased out. Corby to London services will be all electric.

Carlton Station

LINCOLN CHRISTMAS MARKET: Additional trains will be available for the Lincoln Christmas Market between December 5-8, from Carlton and return at the times shown below. Many of the Leicester-Lincoln and return services will have extra carriages wherever possible.

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Departure and arrival times at Carlton are in bold.

Thursday, December 5: 11.35am arriving Lincoln 12.27. This is the 10.30 Leicester to Lincoln. 13.35am arriving Lincoln 14.29. This is the 12.30 Leicester to Lincoln.

Friday, December 6: 09.31am arriving Lincoln 10.17. 08.26 Leicester-Lincoln. This will be a five-car Meridian. 11.35am arriving Lincoln 12.27. This is the 10.30 Leicester-Lincoln. 13.35pm arriving Lincoln 14.30. This is the 12.30 Leicester-Lincoln. 19.35pm Lincoln to Nottingham calls at Carlton at 20.26.

Saturday, December 7: Carlton dep. *09.09am, 10.35am, *11.08am, 12.40pm, *13.56pm, 15.35pm_ * = seven-car Meridian
Lincoln dep. *15.02 +16.35 *17.06 +18.32 “19.29 +20.00: ” * = seven-car Meridian. All trains call at Newark and some other stations. Matlock to Newark services will run as normal and the Lincoln services which usually call such as the 09.28. The 17.59 additional calls at Nottingham, Beeston, Long Eaton and Derby. When travelling from Lincoln on the 7-car Meridians, only the doors in the first 3 coaches will be available to exit at Carlton as the others will be off the platform.

Sunday, December 8: 10.36am arriving Lincoln 11.28. 16.56pm train from Lincoln will call at Carlton 17.45. This is a Lincoln-Nottingham train.

MATLOCK VICTORIAN CHRISTMAS WEEKEND DECEMBER 6-8: Over 150 stalls and a funfair will be on offer. There will be an hourly service from Carlton on December 6 and . On Sunday, December 8 there will be direct trains from Nottingham, but no connections from Carlton. More information can be found at

RECORD PASSSENGER NUMBERS AT CARLTON: Passenger number records at Carlton have been broken with 46 joining the 08.08am Matlock on Wednesday, September 18 and the same day 107 joined and alighted the nine trains from 08.02am until 11.08am. On Wednesday, September 25 the total was 105 and to compare the same day in 2017 it was 82, and in 2018 96. Thursday, October 3 saw 16 join the 06.59am to Lincoln.

Off-peak numbers are also up with 15 on the 10.08am to Matlock and 10 on the 11.08am Matlock not being unusual. We must be approaching 90,000 passengers a year, and the official 2018/19 figures are due to be published in December.

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We do need a regular half hourly service in the morning and evening peaks, and not having to make do with the occasional train at Netherfield to fill the gaps. In the evening there is no connection off the 17.12pm from Derby, it entails a 37 min. wait in Nottingham for the 18.17pm. Now if the 17.50 to Lincoln called at Carlton, it would make a good connection. This could be done as it is allowed 28 mins between Nottingham and Newark, exactly the same as the 08.12 which DOES call at Carlton. I am often asked why this can’t happen. No doubt the answer would be that we have a 17.44pm to Netherfield, but this is not a connection off the 17.12 as there is only a four minute connection and the minimum time allowed is five minutes. It is assumed most people only travel from Nottingham, but most travel from further afield, this being the reason they are using the train (although some prefer the train to the bus if they work near Nottingham station). In any case, Netherfield is a quarter of a mile away from Carlton, and if you live on the Gedling side you don’t want this extra walk after a hard day at work, you want to get home as quickly as possible.

Another complaint is the lack of a trains from Nottingham around 20.30pm on weekdays. There is a two-hour gap. The St. Pancras to Lincoln service was timed to leave Nottingham at 20.30pm, although this now leaves at 20.00pm (19.29 on Saturdays), but calls only at Lowdham, Newark and Collingham. (0k, I’ll put my soap box away!).

The flowers in the garden and planters have this year been sponsored by Netherfield Eco Action Team (NEAT). You can find them on Facebook. There have been many favourable comments and the tall spiky purple flowers are a variety of salvia. Now the winter plants have been set, and should provide some colour in early Spring.

Netherfield Station

I was advised that on Wednesday, September 18 about 40 joined the 07.42am to Nottingham, which is something of a record.

Engineering work will affect services on Saturday, November 9 and Sunday, November 10. Nottingham to Norwich services will be diverted via Melton Mowbray and terminate at Peterborough. Buses will be available from there. Skegness trains will not call at Grantham, but a bus replacement will run from Bottesford to Grantham until 15.00pm on Sunday 10th. There will be no 08.32am to Nottingham on Saturday, November 9 and the 07.42am may run earlier, so check before travelling. Other work on this line is planned for Sate. 16th, 23rd and 30th Nov. in the Grantham area. Check

For up to date information of events on the Poacher Line (Nottingham-Skegness) such as Music Trains see

CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR: On December 24 and 31 a normal service runs until around 20.30pm. There are no trains on Christmas Day and Boxing Day. On December 27, local trains commence around 08.00am followed by a normal weekday service. The same on January 1st which apart from some early morning trains has a full weekday service,in our area.


Volunteers are required to help restore Gedling Station Buildings on Shearing Hill to provide a new youth and community facility and proposed ‘Heritage Way’ footpath and cycle route. For further info, visit

Bennerley Viaduct (Ilkeston) in the only location in the UK listed on the 2020 World Monuments Watch of “at risk” heritage sites. This should attract funding and expertise to turn it into a footpath and cycle route.


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