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Tony Cave Column: Train fares on the rise this new year



Fares from both of our stations will rise from the new year as shown in the below table:


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Year ending 31/3/17: A return journey counts as 2.

CARLTON had 46,578 (36,344 in 2015/16) passengers – an increase of 10,234. NETHERFIELD had 7,742 (6,544) – an increase of 1,198. Unofficially, but more accurately, the total at Carlton is currently around 74,970.

This is how I obtain these figures. Weekday peak 06.00-09.05 sees at least 90 passengers and between 16.55 and 18.59 another 90. That leaves 22 off peak trains. Take an average of four passengers per train, probably rather low, we get a further 88 passengers, making a total of 268 per day. Total over 5 days 1,340. Saturdays say 100 and Sundays 30 and we have a weekly total of 1,470. Multiply this by 51 weeks and we get 74,970. Christmas week not counted and we have had a couple of Saturdays and Sundays with replacement buses. It gives a shortfall of 28,392. A good percentage of this are people using Robin Hood Tickets, which are not recorded, plus quite a few fares not collected for various reasons. Also passengers buying their ticket from Nottingham and using Carlton on their return, especially those going to Lincoln. Unofficial numbers at Netherfield would be 12,750. That is 48 passengers per weekday and 10 at weekends, making 250 per week.

One of our readers has worked out how many use each train at both stations, based on official figures. CARLTON. Over 52 weeks 12,532 trains. NETHERFIELD. 2,392. By dividing the annual passenger usage by the total number of stopping trains, you get the number of passengers using each train. Average at Carlton is 46578/12532 = 3.71 passengers. Netherfield is 7742/2392 = 3.21 passengers.

Figures for other stations to Newark are:- Burton Joyce 11,542 (8,228 2015/16) = +3,314. Lowdham 57,236 (49,272) + 7,964. Thurgarton 2,470 (1,506) + 964. Bleasby 6,808 (5,938) + 870. Fiskerton 26,760 (20,302) + 6,458. Rolleston 5,532 (4,340) + 1,192. Newark Castle 752,394 (572,285) + 180,109. Total increase Carlton to Newark 211,105 or 4,139 per week. Some increase at Newark would be in the Lincoln direction, but it is impossible to say how many travelling in to Nottingham. The latest figures include 46 weeks of extra Saturday trains, but none of the extra Sunday trains which commenced in May 2017.
On Thursday, November 9 and December 14, 40 joined the 08.08 Matlock. Numbers on off-peak trains are increasing.

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Carlton: Unfortunately we have had a spate of vandalism, with four windows in the waiting shelters being smashed in November and December. If you see anything suspicious, contact British Transport Police on 0800 40 50 40 or text 61016.

Netherfield: I was talking to a person who worked in the booking (ticket) office in the late 1950s before the station was rebuilt in 1961. He said it was very busy, and when Nottingham Forest were playing at home they had 250 tickets ready date stamped to save time, with a big queue at the window. He did not like working there as rats as big as cats were on the railway lines eating the sugar beet which fell off wagons en-route to the sugar factory. They were too fat to climb over the rails!  I have some 1940’s timetables showing direct trains to Melton Mowbray, Northampton, Shirebrook, Daybrook for example, with 48 trains calling on weekdays.

Housing development: A further 200 homes are now proposed for the Teal Close development. Much ‘in-fill’ housing is taking place within a quarter of a mile of both stations on Manor Road, Midland Road, Meadow Road, plus former banks on Victoria Road for possible conversion to apartments. More potential train users!

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TIMETABLES: You can now create your own timetable at ‘Your routes, your dates, your times – in 2 minutes’

NEW BOOKLET: A booklet promoting ‘Station Adoption’ has been produced by EMT. I have copies available.

AIRPORT TRAIN INCREASE: East Midlands Airport is expanding with passenger numbers expected to increase from 4.7 million to 10 million per year, while trebling the cargo it handles to 1 million tonnes per year. Currently more than 7,000 employees and 90 businesses are located at the airport, so it is anxious to improve the services and routes which use East Midlands Parkway station. A full list of improvements included joint train and bus ticketed services to and from the airport, development of a regional rail hub with services connect-ing Derby, Leicester, Nottingham and Lincoln. The airport has pledged £2.5 million towards these improvements.

Lincoln Christmas Market 2017: This would have been the first year that daytime trains ran to Lincoln, but ironically the Market had to be cancelled on the Sunday due to expected heavy snowfall.

STEAM TRAIN EXPECTED: Hopefully we will have a steam special through Carlton in 2018.

BAN LIFTED: Network Rail has lifted the ban which prevented the train running to Lincoln 11.24 Saturdays Carlton to Leicester service. Apart from when Nottingham Forest are playing at home (Jan. 13th & 27th, Feb. 10th & Mar. 3rd), there should be room on this train at Carlton

NEW LINE: As you may have heard the government is looking at the possibility of re-opening some railway lines closed in the 1960’s. This should help the case for re-opening the line from Shirebrook to Ollerton

RAILCARD: Announced in the November Budget, a new railcard for 26-30 year olds, to be introduced this Spring.

FASTER TRAINS: Plans are being developed to adjust the overhead line equipment on the London St. Pancras line between London and Bedford so that line speeds can be upgraded from 100 to 125mph. Electrification between Bedford and Corby will be 125mph. This should result in reduced journey times for bi-mode trains from Nottingham etc.

FESTIVAL DATES: Newark Festival dates for 2018 have now been announced. The festival will be on Friday, June 15 to Sunday 17th

ANNIVERSARY: November 11th 2017 marked 10 years since the launch of East Midlands Trains services.


Major work will take place at Derby between July 22 and October 8 2018 to improve the track layout, which will remove a lot of congestion, plus resignalling. Cross Country trains between Nottingham and Birmingham/Cardiff will be diverted, and during August there will be no Nottingham to Derby services for part of the month with a shuttle from Nottingham to Long Eaton, and bus replacements. September will see work at the north end of the station. A full timetable of all the changes should be available shortly.


Waiting at Carlton station. “We only live in Colwick and we thought this was Netherfield station and there were’nt many trains stopped here.”

Showing a person just arrived on the 08.33 at Netherfield the route to British Car Auctions, the person asked, “Are you a tour guide?”.

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