Sophie Mardell: Beauty blogger from Carlton shares her secrets for keeping motivated with makeup during lockdown

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Sophie Mardell lives in Carlton and regularly shares makeup tips on her blog

I thought that whilst the whole country is in lockdown, I’d share with you how I am passing the time and keeping myself sane.

Personally, I haven’t been wearing much makeup as I thought this would be the best time to give my skin a break!

It’s felt so strange not waking up everyday and doing a full face of makeup – but I know my skin is very thankful!

I’ve noticed that even though I haven’t been wearing anything, my skin still seems to be breaking out as often as it does when I do wear makeup everyday. But, it clears A LOT quicker. Usually it can take at least a week to clear up, whereas at the moment, they’ll come up one day, then be gone within two days– I’m loving it!

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As much as I think this lockdown is great for a break, I also think it’s the best time to practise new looks or ideas for your makeup.

I always find that when I’m doing my makeup, I always want to try something new. I always stop myself, as I don’t want to mess my whole face up. But, this really is the beauty of being inside because you can do what you want to your face and no one other than yourself will see it.

Sophie Mardell
PICTURED: Blogger Sophie Mardell

 I’ve always found that it’s not what makeup I have, it’s what I can do with it. So, if you don’t have a bronzer, use eyeshadow, and vice versa.

Makeup is so versatile, and you can use the same product for different uses. I remember at college, we had a challenge to do a makeup look and the only face product we could use was Vaseline.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: Vaseline can only be used on your lips and I thought exactly the same, but we were able to do these editorial looks where we used the Vaseline as an ‘eyeshadow’, ‘lip gloss’ and ‘highlighter’; It gave us these amazing glossy, dewy looks. 

This is the perfect time to do little challenges for yourself;whether it’s just applying liquid eyeliner or making yourself look like a tropical bird. I personally will be walking around the house like a tropical cockatoo soon because I’ve ordered all new makeup and have nowhere to wear it to. 

As much as I love drowning my face in makeup, I know it’s good to give it a break sometimes. I wear false eyelashes on a daily basis, and sometimes it does affect my eyes (I’ll write a post dedicated to my lashes soon!) and I have to not wear them for a few days, which I hate. But whilst being in isolation, I haven’t worn them so my eyes are finally a little break!

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As much as I encourage you to practise, and try out new makeup, during lockdown. Anytime is the best time to start, it’s all about taking the plunge and just going for it. Trust me, you will have doubts in yourself, as I did when I first started using makeup (and still do now). But, eventually you will build a confidence within yourself!!

I hope this has given you some motivation to try something new, whether it’s your hair, makeup or fashion! I know it’s difficult to find the motivation sometimes, but honestly, once you do-it’s the best feeling to see what you’ve accomplished!

You can read Sophie’s blog here:


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