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Newstead author reveals plans for new novel

Newstead-based novelist Jim Gibson has revealed he is working on a new book which he hopes will be released ‘soon’.

Local author Jim Gibson, known for his book of short stories titled “The Bygones” is currently working on the draft of a new novel called “The Warren”. 

Under consideration by its publisher, the book was heavily influenced by his first compilation of short stories.   

Expected to be structured in a similar manner, readers will also find a similar style of writing where the characters are directly addressing them. 

He said: “It definitely was influenced by The Bygones as through the short story form I have honed my craft and managed to find my voice, as they say. 

“This ‘voice’ is a mixture of things but often comes down to the characters talking directly to the reader to remove any barriers into the world that’s portrayed, and this makes the scenes more immersive. 

“Not only this, but I approached each section as short stories, not as conventional chapters of a book, as I didn’t want to write a book that takes a straight trajectory, I wanted it to be as fragmented as daily life.” 

Working on other different projects, Gibson revealed having recently published a short story with Nightjar Press as well as doing collaborations with two photographers. 

Not knowing what to expect when his first novel was published, this author was surprised since the feedback was positive leading to a higher popularity than he imagined. 

The Bygones recently found itself on the front cover of the LeftLion Magazine which significantly helped raised readership levels around the city of Nottingham. 

Whilst the numbers are encouraging, this local author will continue to write for pleasure no matter what happens. 

He said: “A lot of people in the local area have bought copies and I also noticed a copy in our local café for people to read whilst they are having some snap which I was really happy with. 

“There was even talk of them being stocked in the local pub. 

“My plans are to carry on as I have done, writing the kind of work that I enjoy reading and playing around with the written word. 

“If people want to read more, then I’ve got it there but even if they don’t, I’ll still be here writing it anyway.” 

Whilst Gibson started writing The Bygones 10 years ago as a hobby, he is looking forward to seeing what the future brings. 

 If you would like to know more about The Bygones it is available for purchase at: