Train passengers could face steepest rise in rail fares for five years


Rail passengers using services in Gedling borough could be hit by the biggest rise in fares for five years.

Passengers will see the price of regulated rail fares rise by up to 3.6% in January 2018.

The permitted increase – which is taken from the Retail Prices Index (RPI) inflation measure for July – will be the highest rise in fares since January 2013.

The fare rises will affect “anytime” and some off-peak fares as well as season tickets in England and Wales.

Bob Talbot is a regular passenger at Netherfield Station. He called the latest rise a “disgrace”.

“The service here is a joke,” he said.

“The train each morning tends to be one carriage instead of two and is late most days. We are packed on an old clapped out wagon and end up resembling sardines. Cattle travel in better conditions.

“You can complain, but you mostly get a token response from the train companies about it ‘not being their fault’. Some of these trains are around 40 years old and break down a lot now.

“We are paying more, yet the standard of service continues to slip. Only in Britain would we tolerate such a shambolic service. I’ve traveled in often on Europe on trains and you don’t get any problems there.”

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