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Society voices concern over Dark Lane development in Calverton


Time up for Dark Lane?

Although previous proposals were originally made nearly 40 years ago in the 1980s, the current development process concerning Dark Lane is now approaching 13 years! Detailed planning permission has already been granted – hence the commencement of works to the entrance on Main Street opposite the petrol station, a while ago. However, the developer Langridge Homes is currently seeking to vary the existing planning permission, having submitted a fresh application (ref. 2017/1263). There are a number of aspects to the new application which raise concerns. Particularly those which could have a negative impact on local heritage and the visual amenity of the landscape with respect to views to and from the surrounding countryside. Indeed the latest application seems to propose that the houses are positioned in a more linear manner – forming very harsh edges to the development, with the largest of the dwellings (mainly 5 bedroom properties) located on the highest ground to the south.  Hopefully English Heritage (now Historic England), which had been very concerned about the original development proposals, have found the time to take an interest in this latest application.

In addition the proposals appear to be out of conformity with key policies of Calverton’s recently adopted Neighbourhood Plan – without the necessary housing mix and attention to design and landscaping. The new proposed site layout plan also makes clear a longer term intention to extend the development westwards onto land currently occupied by the riding stables towards the James Seely Park.

Unfortunately, the consultation period for this application has now closed, but the Pres. together with the Parish Council and other local residents, have made representations – in the hope that this planning application is refused.

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Dark Lane walkabout

PICTURESQUE: Dark Lane several years ago before development began

If you haven’t walked along Dark Lane recently, now’s the time to enjoy the better weather.  You can start at Woods Lane, opposite the Admiral Rodney on Main Street, go up the Lane and turn left just before the entrance to the Riding School. This is Dark Lane which continues behind the Nursing Home and then across the new access road for the proposed buildings. Turn right at the corner of St Wilfrid’s School Field, through a narrow gateway,  Dark Lane continues up the rise, past footpaths on the left to Renals Way (near Keenwell Pond).  The path then slits into two, one way is on lower ground in a little valley (Dumble) and then up a steep bank.  The other way is by taking a left fork where the path follows the edge of the bushes and trees on the top of the Dumble bank.  The paths eventually meet further up the hill and continue by the edge of the field up to Spindle Lane and Foxwood.  From here you can either turn right and keep going until you come to Georges Hill or turn left towards Bonner Hill, passing another path on the left back to the village. Alternatively you can turn right after a short distance at the edge of Foxwood, this path takes you down towards Woodborough.

Gedling Borough Local Plan

Gedling Borough Council’s emerging Local Planning Document (LDC) has been subject to an independent examination – the Parish Council, with the support of the Preservation Society, submitted comments and made representations at the relevant hearing sessions. It was hoped that the independent examiner will be persuaded to suggest that Gedling makes certain modifications to the part of its development plan that covers Calverton – principally the deletion of two of the proposed development sites, Flatts Lane and Hollingwood Lane/Main Street junction.

We will have to wait until the examiner’s report is published to find out whether the changes that we have requested are likely to be made. The current consultation into the LDC’s main modifications is open until March 26th, visit the Library or GBC’s website for more information. A final consultation is expected to take place following the publication of the examiner’s report.

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Pres Clips

The planning application submitted to Gedling Borough Council for indoor entertainment at Oscar’s has been given conditional permission as the proposed diversification of use would assist the viability of an existing business and would have no undue impact on the amenities of the surrounding area.

Permission, with a number of conditions, has been granted by Gedling Borough Council for the demolition of 2 existing cottages and the erection of 2 new dwellings together with the conversion of existing school house into a 3 bedroom dwelling on Burnor Pool.

Approval is being sort by “Coal & Lace” on St. Wilfrid’s Square for the sale and consumption of alcohol on the premises daily from 11 am to 11 pm.

The Calverton Garden & Heritage Trail, organised by the Pres Soc, is due to take place again this year, probably on a Sunday towards the end of June. If anyone would like to open their garden, large or small, please contact Chris Peck (965 4843) for further details.

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The Pres has receive a request regarding the coming of the Black Death (1348/9) to towns and villages in Nottinghamshire. Please get in touch if you have any information.

For more information, contact: Chris Peck, Secretary, Calverton Preservation & History Society, 0115 9654843 or

  • This column is also published in the March print edition of the Village Gazette – a local magazine for Calverton

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