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Skimming machine found on cashpoint in Sherwood



Skimming machine found on cashpoint in Sherwood

Skimming machine found on cashpoint in Sherwood

Police urge people to check bank accounts if they used machines in Carrington or Sherwood

Police are urging people to check their bank accounts after skimming machine was discovered at a cashpoint in Sherwood

The ATM’s targeted were at TSB bank on Mansfield Road, Sherwood, but police believe there could have been others.

The machine swallowed their card and they have since realised that money has been withdrawn from their account.

The bank are aware and the ATM’s have been checked and the device has since been removed.

A spokesman for Nottinghamshire Police said: “If you used any ATM in the Sherwood or Carrington area this past week, we would recommend checking your account for any unusual withdrawals of cash.

“If you have been a victim, please report it to your bank immediately and contact ACTION FRAUD on 0300 123 2040.”

Police have issued the following advice when using cash machines in the area:

• Check for any abnormalities to the cash machine before inserting your card. If something looks out of place or unusual it probably is. Do not insert your card and report it immediately.

• Always protect your pin, from behind and above, to guard against hidden cameras and someone looking over your shoulder.

• Don’t let yourself get distracted. Don’t use ATMs whilst wearing headphones or on a phone call. If someone starts talking to you for no reason and appears to be trying to distract you, either finish your transaction before speaking to them, or cancel it. Never turn your back on the ATM to talk to someone while you’re using it.

• If your card is taken unexpectedly, don’t walk away from the machine. Contact your bank and, unless it’s been genuinely been withheld because it’s out of date or you’ve forgotten your pin number, have them cancel or put a block on your card.

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