Should school-run parents in Gedling borough be able to use bus lanes to skip traffic jams?

A new campaign is calling for bus lanes to be used by parents taking their children to school so they can skip traffic jams.

The aim of the campaign from Leasecar is to allow mums and dads in the borough to skip the morning rush hour and bypass queueing traffic by using bus lanes, alongside taxis and motorcycles.

The firm says that the move would help kids and parents who are under pressure at school, home and work.

LeaseCar’s Gareth Roberts said: “Busy mums and dads in the borough just don’t have time to be sat in traffic on the way to school.

“Picture the scene: your children are arguing, have got breakfast everywhere and forgotten their PE kit, so now you’re stuck in traffic and running late.

“The last thing you should then have to do is sit in a jam for half an hour, inching between sets of lights, while an empty taxi or motorcycle sails by.

“It poses an obvious question for local authorities, if getting kids to school on time is a priority: why aren’t parents on the school run allowed in bus lanes too?”

Bus lanes in the borough are currently open to buses, cyclists, taxis and motorcycles

Mr. Roberts thinks letting families also use them would be simple and hassle-free, but what would stop all drivers in a rush using the lanes?

What are your thoughts?

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  1. Absolutely ridiculous idea, don’t they realise its because the parents that drive the kids to school are the ones causing the heavy traffic in the first place, let the children walk or get the bus provided

  2. I love school holidays the roads are empty so in my mind it’s school run parents who are causing the issues if they are within cachemant of the school they should be made to walk or pay and display parking

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