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Scam email warning to Vodafone customers in Gedling borough



Scam email warning to Vodafone customers in Gedling borough

New ‘phishing’ emails inform recipient their bills are now “ready to view”. Some claim that the latest charges are as high as £400

Vodafone customers in Gedling Borough are being warned to be on their guard as they are targeted in a new scam that could leave them out of pocket.

Customers have reported look-alike emails that are arriving in their inboxes which claim to be from the telecoms giant.

The scam email informs the recipient that their bills are now “ready to view”. Some claim that the latest charges are as high as £400 – sending customers into a panic.

UK fraud agency, Get Safe Online, first issued the alert on Twitter last week.

The email reads:

Vodafone bill is ready

Dear Customer,

You can now take a look and manage your latest Vodafone bill for invoice date 02/08/2017.

Your total bill for this month is £ 441.46.

Don’t forget, your line rental is charged a month in advance and calls are charged in arrears.

Click here to view your bill

But, despite the emails looking genuine, if you take a closer look then a few signs immediately point to this being a scam.

Firstly, the email address is clearly not from Vodafone as the mailer appears to be from ‘ – although different messages will show different addresses.

The emails also open the line with ‘dear customer’ – official emails from registered firms will always address you by your full name.

The links in the emails are likely to contain Emotet, which is a type of malware that could steal personal details by installing software into your browser.

Get Safe Online chief executive Tony Neate said: “This is a very convincing example of a fraudulent email which is, unfortunately, bound to catch a number of unsuspecting victims unawares. However, it does contain several tell-tale signs of a classic scam.

“Start by checking out the sender’s address, which is clearly not a Vodafone email – in this case they haven’t even bothered to clone a more authentic one. It begins with ‘Dear Customer’ instead of your name. And it attempts to panic you into action with the size of the bill, which is considerable by many people’s standards.

Tony adds “Apart from anything else, a colleague of mine who received one of these bills isn’t even a Vodafone customer.

“The scammers send these emails out by the thousands in the certainly that some will reach real Vodafone account holders

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