Police warning over fake letterbox scam

Fraudsters are thought to be harvesting bank details by glueing fake mail boxes outside people’s houses.

The National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) is warning people in the borough to be on their guard after a rise in reports about the number of fake letter boxes appearing.

Residents are sometimes unaware of the fake boxes as fraudsters will often remove them for a short period of time to avoid detection.

These often leave noticeable marks.


The boxes are used by fraudsters to collect mail from the property and the information is then used to gain credit with financial providers in the name of the innocent resident.

A spokesman for NFIB said: “Be vigilant and check for any suspicious activity, tampering of your post or letterbox or suspicious glue markings on the wall.

“Check all post received from financial institutions even if it appears unsolicited.”

If you suspect your mail has been stolen contact police. Report any cases of identity fraud to Action Fraud.


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