Police make appeal following crime spree in Calverton


Police are appealing to residents in Calverton for CCTV footage or information that may help them track down those responsible for a crime rise in the village.

Police vehicle patrols are currently being carried out in the area to show a visible presence and allow officers to quickly respond to any reported incident

Officers investigating a recent crime in the village did manage to gain CCTV evidence, but due to the poor image quality the person captured on camera cannot be identified. A vehicle was seen at the time and further enquiries are being carried out to try and trace the car in question.

A spokesman for the police beat team said: “We patrol the village both day and night and will stop and interact with any person or persons who are acting suspiciously or who are known to us.

“We have no evidence at present to say who is responsible for these crimes. However, if anyone does have any CCTV or willing to give a statement please make contact us.

They added: “We remind Off. We ask for the communities continued support in trying to trace the perpetrators.

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  1. It would help if said police turned up to actually dust for prints on said crimes instead of just been given a crime number. as for regular walks! When? Can’t remember the last time I witnessed a beat walk in Calverton.

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