Parish Council object to plans for new flats and shops in Calverton


A parish council is strongly opposing plans for new shops and flats in Calverton. 

A planning application has been submitted to Gedling Borough Council for a three-storey development in the open space at the northern side of the St.Wilfrid’s Square precinct. 

The proposed development consists of 4 retail units and 8 flats. 

 Calverton Parish Council has discussed this application at its April meeting and now say they ‘object strongly to the proposed development’.

 In a statement on their website, the council said: “The design, scale and materials of the proposed development are completely inappropriate. It would impact negatively on the built environment of the village centre, adversely affect current residents/businesses and harm Calverton’s Conservation Area and its setting.  

“The proposals would not be in conformity with Calverton’s Neighbourhood Plan – which has recently been submitted for examination.

They added: “The development makes no provision for the additional car parking that it would generate and would have a significant impact on the ongoing car parking problem in the village.

Full details of the application (reference: 2017/0207) are on the Gedling Borough Council website (where there is the facility to submit comments online).

The council area urging residents to comment about the proposals online or download a standard objection letter from their website here.​

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