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New fleet of bio-gas buses with free wi-fi and USB charging points arrive in Gedling borough

PICTURED: One of the new Red 44 Bio-Gas buses


New fleet of bio-gas buses with free wi-fi and USB charging points arrive in Gedling borough

New bio-bus fleet launches on Red 44 route serving Gedling, Netherfield and Colwick

NCT’s fleet of new buses with wifi and USB charging points has arrived

They may be red but they are also ‘green.

The Red 44 service is the latest route to benefit from a new fleet of Bio-gas buses which are being introduced by Nottingham City Transport.

Not only are the buses better for the environment, but passengers using the service – which covers Colwick, Netherfield and Gedling, can charge their phones using USB charge points and enjoy a free wi-fi service.

The buses also boast glass staircases to add more light, new higher-quality comfy seats and also audio announcements giving journey information along the route.

The buses are also environmentally friendly too as they are fuelled by Bio-Gas.

Bio-gas is produced naturally through anaerobic digestion, using food waste, farm waste and sewage. The methane emitted from the digestion process is captured, treated and turned into fuel.

Anaerobic digestion doesn’t just produce bio-gas; it also produces a nutrient rich low carbon fertiliser, which helps farmers reduce agricultural greenhouse gas emissions.

A spokesman for Nottingham City Transport said: “Our brand new bio-gas buses are some of the greenest buses on the road and will make a significant reduction to our carbon footprint and improvement to the air quality in Nottingham.

“Bio-gas is a much cleaner fuel to produce and use and these buses emit hardly any particulates (soot) or hydrocarbons. Using bio-gas buses generates a CO2 saving of 84% as well as tailpipe emissions that are cleaner than an equivalent Euro 6 double deck bus.

By fuelling our buses with bio-gas, we’re helping reduce the amount of food, farm and sewage waste going to landfill or not being reused, which produces high volumes of methane when left to decompose naturally. As methane is one of the most potent greenhouse gases, our bio-gas buses will reduce the amount of greenhouse gases released into the atmosphere.

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